If you lose your temper, you will lose the battle with the pandemic

It is obvious that we are at a turning point in relation to the pandemic. I do not believe that “we will become Bergamo”, but we will not experience the “magic image” of spring again. It is obvious that at the level of government and “experts” there was a moment of complacency. and wrong estimates, as they have indirectly admitted. This in itself would not be catastrophic. One may have wrong estimates, but nevertheless prepare for the worst. And unfortunately in our country the problem was that the preparation was not done for the worst, although this is the golden rule of foresight: whatever your assessment, always prepare for the worst case scenario. This was evident in the great shortcomings of the NSS. Why we must say a great truth: the second wave of the pandemic, for The first “real” wave in Greece is no more “wild” than in other countries in the spring or even now. This virus, a member of the virus family that causes the most “common colds” and therefore extremely contagious, when it enters the community it makes such massive waves. The peak of these waves are those who will need hospitalization and the peak of the peak are those who will need ICU. And will need several hospitalizations and several ICUs because the percentage of serious cases be small in terms of the total number, but because the total number will be constantly growing, they will be enough. For this reason, measures should have been taken to bravely strengthen the health system, measures that do not seem to have been taken. I accept that restrictive measures were needed, without this meaning that we can not criticize the shortcomings so far, or ask for measures to be taken. However, it was clear that this time the restrictive measures would not work with the the same way as in the spring. Then the people locked their house, they were scared, they were patient, they endured. And now they are ready to be patient and to endure. This is due to how many wear masks on the street. And they do not do it for the fine. But at the same time too many people go to work. And it is not necessarily bad because it means that not everything in the economy is frozen, because that would mean hunger to say things with the their name. Also now people have learned to be careful, but without panic. In the spring there were people who did not leave their homes. Now they will put on a mask, they will take antiseptic, they will go to the supermarket, they will go to withdraw money from the bank, they will leave the house. And of course people will want to go for a walk. Take a walk. To get air. To do sports. Some will do it in the morning, some will do it in the evening. Yes, but some will go and have a party, some say. Generally speaking, with shops closed, bans in force, threats of fines, thousands of parties will not take place. Yes but the toddler will want to go out to see his toddler or his boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe, but do you think this is regulated by fines? Yes, but the grandfather will go for a walk, sit on the bench, talk to the neighbor. Maybe, but from what I see they pay attention and in the final analysis for him these few minutes of talking on the bench, the air he will get, the trees of the thicket that he will smell can be the joy of the day. And that will give him life, he will not put him in danger. That is why he needs prudence and composure. To give an example: Athens is a deserted city at the moment and let there be no curfew. Let the government come and say that after 9 pm all your houses and neither in the cigarette stand, nor walk in the square It ‘s just irrational. And the bad thing about irrational measures is not that they are excessive. It’ s that they do damage. Why do the “sprayed” lurk. They take advantage of the dissatisfaction. pandemic. And for that you need calm. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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