How it unites us and how it vibrates us

It is not only the walks, the shopping and the weggers that are the measure of regularity. From the beginning of the first quarantine, what fell on us as heavy as a gravestone was the silence of the radio in habits that you would say that there is no way they can stop even if the sun goes down. And yet μαι I still remember the day, towards the end of spring, when the first Greek and international football matches finally started to be rebroadcast live on TV, albeit without an audience but with the slogans recorded and the consoling stadium noise flooding like balm our catatonic home. Something calmed down inside me. I got dressed, I carried the fear and uncertainty better, I smiled, I can’t even tell you that I started singing softly like when I was going to Mavri Storm and Karaiskaki. and three matches that under normal circumstances would not interest me at all. The earth turns and a moving ball does not graze but I was already full of weeds and dry grass. I uprooted one hand above me, then another and another, because the therapeutic function of football is incalculable, even if its critics say whatever they want. Ου γαρ οίδασιν. But we who know, since then observe the effect of the coronavirus on the most popular of mass sports and record our findings for the history of the future. Who knows; Maybe one day they will also be evidence because History does not snub anything but draws from everywhere. From the horseshoe of my couch, where I wander, I have to observe the following. When in a team there are cases of coronavirus, the matches are postponed, like Aris – AEK for example, and the injured players come back strong after fifteen – twenty days . Some are not only recovering but are just returning from spa, such as the lousy Ronaldo at Juventus and the kid Ebape at Paris Saint-Germain. But do not relax. The main spectators of international events are asked to sit at home unless they are Russians – counted on the fingers is true – but also a dragon of Rennes supporters who violated the distance and considered it good to fall in love when it rained their indifferent team scored in the equally thunderous indifferent Krasnodar of Russia. Oh, and I do not care. Some people’s blood is boiling or has football undertaken a contract to unleash a little the liveliness and passion of us spiders? I do not have an answer. Nor is it because there are suddenly such high scores in football that even these basketball records tend to come close. The cooler ones attribute it to the lack of preparation of the teams and the lack of transfer activity. But I, who do not have a technical culture but I am of the first impression, I was impressed by the calmness and military discipline of the few Portuguese that their team threw at our AEK helpless, without violating distances and masks, somewhat like a demonstration of the KKE that is. I’m sorry but I saw this as a great victory. Not of Braga. Share. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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