How far is a production unit from the researchers’ laboratory?

Alexandra Karapidaki, Konstantinos Vassakis, Stelios Christakis live and work in Heraklion, Crete. Their common bond was developed and consolidated through the activities of a dynamic group of volunteers who consistently and continuously invested in the cause of promoting a new type of entrepreneurship based on the dipole Innovation-Extroversion. As one can read on the site of Bizrupt – The name of the group, whose members are Alexandra together with Konstantinos and Stelios – their group is “an initiative of volunteers who envision through their actions, such as the Open Coffee Heraklion and the Fuckup Nights Heraklion, the promotion and strengthening of the intense dynamism and the unique ideas that exist in the business – and not only – ecosystem of Crete. The purpose and vision of Bizrupt is to enhance creativity and innovation, the cultivation of business culture and cooperation in the wider society. “The Open Coffee of Heraklion and the spin-off from ITEP a few days ago I noticed a post on social media of the team on the last Open Coffee event that took place online for the first time on October 29, 2020. The organizers, ie the members of the Bizurpt team at the 13th Open Coffee Heraklion presented the work of a newly established company called Biomimetic, a spin-off of Institute of Technology and Research (FORTH), based in Heraklion, Crete. Biomimetic, the project and the general activities of the company were introduced to the public by one of the members of the founding team, Alexandros Mimidis (Materials engineer of the company). for Biomimetic: “This is a new startup company, FORTH Technoblast, which started in September this year – yes, it is very fresh – and deals with the reduction of reflection, or intense glare under light, transparent surfaces or screens , through an innovative laser beam irradiation process. A simple, low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative, which has attracted funding from Big Pi Ventures supported by the European Investment Fund. ”FORTH’s website hosts a very detailed text on spin off achievements. The text was posted on September 16, 2020 and is available at this address. The text is as follows: “New company Technoblastos (spin-off), which utilizes patented innovative technology developed by Researchers at the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (EIDL) , was founded by the Institute of Technology and Research (FORTH) under the name Biomimetic, by the Director of Research Dr. Emmanouil Strataki, co-founded by FORTH researchers Dr. Evangelos Skoulas, Andrea Lemoni, Antonis Papadopoulos and Alexandros Mimidis. The company attracted 900,000 euros in seed funding from Big Pi Ventures, EquiFund’s Venture Capital management company, supported by the European Investment Fund (EIB). It is the second spin-off company of EIDL funded by Big Pi in the last six months. The object of Biomimetic The object of Biomimetic is to reduce the reflection or intense glare under the light of transparent surfaces or screens, through their treatment with Laser radiation , a property of immense importance for almost any optical system and electronic device. For example, the reflectivity of glass is a key reason why one cannot use a tablet in daylight. Modern methods of producing anti-reflective glass have high costs, involve a complex multi-step process and require the use of chemicals, burdening the environment. Therefore, the need to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions is today one of the most demanding bets in the industry. Biomimetic offers a simple, low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative. Inspired by the Greek words “Life” and “Imitation”, Biomimetic, utilizing the wisdom of Nature, uses laser light to process glass and other transparent materials, mimicking the amazing properties of living organisms. Specifically, the company uses methods that mimic the high-performance anti-reflective nanostructures found in the transparent wings of various species of Cicadas and Butterflies. The technology has a huge range of applications in consumer electronics displays, solar panels and specialized optical components. Emmanouil Stratakis, stated: “Our vision came true. Our long-term research efforts at the IEDL Ultrasonic Pulse Laser Microstructuring Laboratory on how to use lasers to mimic the exceptional functions of naturally occurring surfaces have borne fruit. It is very important to have an investment interest for the establishment in Crete of a purely innovative Greek company, with the object of improving the visual quality of glass. “We anticipate that future screens, as well as other products in the huge glass coating market, will integrate Biomimetic glass.” A pioneering technology “We are very proud that a pioneering technology developed at EIDL is now finding its way to society,” he said. Professor Spyros Anastasiadis, Director of EIDL, emphasizing: All the people involved in the Research were guided by excellence in all their steps. These principles guide our research throughout the years. We expect that the high quality research of EIDL will lead to additional innovations that will meet the ever-increasing challenges facing the Society today “. Dr. Alexandros Eleftheriadis, a partner of Big Pi Ventures, which invested, added: “We are very excited to support the commercial development of such an innovative technology. Biomimetic can transform mobile screens, allowing them to be used in a much wider range of environmental conditions. We are doubly excited because the technology was developed in a research institute and can become an excellent example of how academic research can be bridged with the development of commercial products. ”The company is headquartered in the Science and Technology Park of Crete (EIB-K) located in the facilities of FORTH in Heraklion, in a specially designed area where the procedures for the installation of pilot production of anti-reflective glass surfaces have already begun. “The local innovation ecosystem and the way of production. But let’s move on to the conclusions because there are some worth mentioning conclusions.The first of these has to do with local institutions highlighting model examples of entrepreneurship. The Bizrupt team and the institution of Open Coffee Heraklion are representatives of a civil society in the Greek region that can and wants to highlight the new forms of entrepreneurship that are developing in the city that has beyond the departments of the University of Crete one of the most reliable Research Institutes in the country. such as FORTH. It is a form of entrepreneurship “outside the Walls” that comes from the bowels of a public research organization and seeks in practice the limits of its relationship with the market and investors. The good thing about Biomimetic is that it has a well-established base with long-time collaborators who have taken sensible steps along the way. Everything was done on time. Although it is a group of researchers with distinctions and awards – it received the 5th prize in the annual competition of Innovation and Technology of the National Bank in 2019 – which dared the movement of its transformation into a company, namely, a technocratic company after mature thinking. In fact, this fact should not go unnoticed if one considers that the newly established company with a recognized project and a complete “file” found funding very quickly that allows it to continue to implement its plans. In short, nuclei such as FORTH with The contribution of organizations and institutions such as the volunteers of Bizrupt or Open Coffee open a new chapter in the Greek innovation ecosystem, especially in the Region, where the strong heart of a new type of entrepreneurship based on the utilization of research results beats. The next stage, the formation of all those conditions in the Greek Region in order to have a productive utilization of the research results at the local level. What does this mean? That the cycle from the researcher’s laboratory to production must be completed in its place. Besides, very close to the researchers’ laboratory in a specially designed space where the installation procedures for the pilot production of anti-reflective glass surfaces have already begun. Finally, how utopian is the pilot production to give the baton to a complete production unit? Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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