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The e-learning system was blocked on Monday. He said there was a technical problem with a data center in London. Cisco, which provides services to half the world, issued a statement acknowledging the problem and explaining what had happened. Middle East, Africa and Russia. The trade unionists of OLME who do not like any distance education, no electronic process and possibly not even the Internet, but basically do not like Kerameos, went to the railings against the ministry. They did not even wait to understand what happened if there are explanations. They just do not like what is happening, finally. The thin friendly press of SYRIZA, which for inexplicable reasons swallows raw what the trade unionists serve, came out on the rails with enthusiastic study and nonsense. And immediately after that SYRIZA itself followed. Adopt the above objections to request the resignation of… Kerameos! Yesterday I did a little research on the Internet for the countries affected by the technical problem of the company. I did not find any political or partisan reaction to the incident. Or at least no such reaction is recorded. No party, no opposition, no union, no newspaper seems to have been moved. No resignation was requested anywhere. Neither in Europe, nor in the Middle East, nor in Africa, nor in Russia – in the wider region, that is, as the company states in its announcement. Probably in all these countries there is no good opposition, not even militant unions. But it is more probable that our opposition has become hostage to two or three public sector unions that have declared themselves unyielding in society. In fact, most of them are not even SYRIZA or KINAL. It is a mixture of leftists and communists who impersonate trade unionists and drag the opposition by the nose. Obviously the nonsense or irresponsibility of two unions and two newspapers is not a problem for the country. We have seen the work before. There are trade unionists who see trade unionism as a means of blackmailing or pressuring the government to impose some form of co-management in their field. They live in protest, voice, whining and denunciation, for reasons they themselves know and who care little about. the social whole. Their right. The country may not have a problem even when they manage to take a thoughtless opposition hostage. But the thoughtless opposition certainly has a problem. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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