Home with MEGA: Stefanos Korkolis gave the audience a wonderful three-hour concert

Stefanos Korkolis took the stage of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus and brought upside down. “House with MEGA” experienced one of its best nights with moving moments, great successes and words of love from the composer and his distinguished guests. The show which made a sensation to the public all over the country, threw the social media and gave the opportunity to the viewers of MEGA to meet a great singer. Sofia Manousaki sang next to Stefanos Korkolis, her mentor as she describes him, songs that are difficult and demanding in perfect performances flooded The evening ended with a rare video with Mikis Theodorakis speaking in the best words about the composer. “Mikis Theodorakis hugged me with a fatherly hug, he taught me things, not only in music, but also about life the same “said the well-known artist for the great creator.” Stefanos in his playing combines Apollo with Dionysus, it can be done from one moment in the other Apollon or Dionysos, this is very difficult “noted Mikis Theodorakis for Stefanos Korkolis.” You are not here “by Costas Makedonas” Costas Makedonas is for me one of the few male voices we have today that can really give this something more than what is called a Greek song. We are very friends, we have not collaborated on the record yet. I am reluctant to write to him and I think it will happen very soon. Today, Costas will sing songs that have been heard by female voices and will give you a picture of what my collaboration with him can be “, said Stefanos Korkolis welcoming Costas Makedonas on the stage of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus. Costas Makedonas then he performed with his special voice “You are not here” with lyrics by Paraskeva Karasoulos and music by Stefanos Korkolis that was first performed by Dimitra Galani in 1989. Every time you look at me… “I consider one of the most important moments in a concert, when I introduce you to my friends above all and then my collaborators “, said Stefanos Korkolis and introduced his group, the musicians who were by his side at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus in another concert night at MEGA. Stefanos Korkolis and Sofia Manousaki performed then “Every time you look at me” with lyrics by Rebecca Roussi and “In the five winds” with lyrics by Ifigenia Giannopoulou. The music is by Stefanos Korkolis. Now what do you want me to tell you… In the golden decade of 1990, Stefanos Korkolis reminded MEGA viewers. Songs that were hugely successful and records that sold thousands of copies made the composer especially beloved by audiences of all ages. “Dust and crumbs”, “My heart is melting”, “The Scorpio sign” and “Without you” in the unique concert of Stefanos Korkolis for “House with MEGA”. “Libertango” and “Malo maloO internationally renowned composer and pianist Stefanos Korkolis enchanted the viewers of “House with MEGA”, with the masterpiece “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla. A melody whose basis has remained the same, but with strong elements of the musical identity of the charismatic Stefanos Korkolis, which captures you in other places and in other seasons. Then Sofia Manousaki took the “baton” with the explosive “Malo malo”. Tonight we will have a party Stefanos Korkolis and his company adapted the “Tonight I say not to sleep me “,” Take care of me “,” How much I want you “,” Friend “,” Come my soul “,” As if not a day passed “,” I will survive “and” Unchain my heart “, making its audience dance. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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