Home with MEGA: Stamatis Kraounakis sets up a music party as only he knows

Stamatis Kraounakis is one of the cases of artists that you either love or hate. You can not be somewhere in the middle. Because he too was never somewhere in the middle. Authentic and honest in every step, he brings out his unrestrained character in music and gives us masterpieces. If you are asked to choose a song of his, it is impossible, if you are asked to single out a moment in scene is impossible. And this is because everyone finds in their music something of their truth. Just like with people who give 100% of their personality. With their pros and cons. His speech is often misunderstood. He easily creates enemies and it is impossible to chew his words. Always with a political position and especially with a social position. In the face of social problems, before and since his time in his art he serves. The composer has prepared a special music night for MEGA viewers and with the slogan “Celebration at home” will arouse the audience. “It is joy in these difficult times hours in this climate of insecurity and fear, to give us the opportunity and thank you very much MEGA for preparing a big and true music party. I am happy because very fine children participate in this night. We did a very fine program, a program only for MEGA “said Stamatis Kraounakis, revealing that during the quarantine, he wrote new” very bright “songs as he described them, which the audience will enjoy for the first time on Saturday at MEGA. With him in “House with MEGA” will be: Eleni Vitali, Christos Gerontidis, Fivos Delivorias, Sakis Karathanasis, Kelly Kelekidou, Costas Bougiotis, George Stivanakis and Manolis Mitsimas Stasimas Athis. , grew up and lives in Athens. He is a graduate of the Department of Political Science of Panteion University and studied music with teacher Klelia Terzaki. He first appeared on the discography in 1978, signing the music on the album “The House of Agamemnon”, while a year earlier he had done his theater debut, writing the music for the play “I’m Bored” (1977). His love for the theater never left him. Whether signing the music or undertaking to play Socrates on stage, the theater loved it and the audience always reciprocated this love. In 1981 he made his first major collaboration, writing the music for the album “Rusty Lips” which he performed. Vicky Moscholou.When he met LinaAnd somewhere on the album with Moscholou, time is like a stop. and a brilliant duo of Greek discography is born. The two met in 1976 in Panteion. From the life relationships that last forever. They fell madly in love and wrote great songs about their love but also their difficult separation. Tracks that even today are heard with rage by young people and are not missing from any radio. Songs that were a huge success and built the career – first of all – of Alkistis Protopsaltis. Dozens of records, songs for reviews, ancient musical dramas. Together they made the theatrical programs that were first inspired by Kraounakis and established the theater. Together with Gazi and Medusa with the great George Marino and Katiana Balanika. The two of them signed “Koupasti” with Balanika but also “Salvation of the soul” with Protopsalti, “Patoma” with Tsanaklidou and Never “with Mitsias. At the same time, Stamatis releases a diamond record with Costas Makedonas – with the homonymous” Only once “literally breaking the coffers – while the successes with Polina, Paspala and many others do not stop. “Money”, “Lisa”, “Red Glasses” are some of the successes of that time. An endless list to which you can not easily rank. You do not know if the heartbreaking “Mama is getting older” by Tsanaklidou must be higher than the “Human works”. Art does not weigh. And especially when we talk about Stamatis Kratounakis and Lina Nikolakopoulou. Everyone goes through Spira. If with Nilakopoulou Kraounakis put as much emotion in Greek song, with the creation of Spira he imposed the term collective work. seminar in 1999 on the interpretation of the song under the supervision of Sofia Spyratou. At the end of the seminar Stamatis Kraounakis who taught all 17 participants presented a play entitled “Piano, barefoot and all black.” The first appearance of the then unofficial Spira It was a fact. Christos Theodorou on the piano and the rest of the young people around him, always under the guidance of Kraounakis, embroidered between apt texts, songs and personal narratives. to integrate his company. Great collaborations that left an era, episodes and covers that were recorded on an album but mainly a large group that all had the same role. Rita Antonopoulou, Iro Saia, Victoria Tagouli, Aris Vlachos, George Karadimos and many others emerged from Spira other young performers. Although it was interrupted for some years, it continues to this day with new names making their appearance but always keeping the madness, the temperament and especially the hard work that the group did before each appearance. TipsDiscography: 60 personal albums and 20 participations in albums of other artistsMusic performances: Music for 30 performances and one for ballet performanceTheatre: Music for 54 performances (31 contemporary theater, 9 reviews, 8 ancient drama, 6 children’s theater) Cinema: Music for 4 filmsTV: Music 6 seriesBooks: author of 2 books and participation in other 4To 2000 was awarded a state prize at the Thessaloniki Film Festival for his music in Nikos Panagiotopoulos’ film, “This Night Remains”. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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