Home with MEGA: Stamatis Kraounakis prepares a great music with distinguished guests

On the camera of the show “Pame Danae!” The great composer Stamatis Kraounakis spoke shortly before Saturday’s appointment at “Home with MEGA”. The great composer, who has written some of the most important songs of Greek music, will move us, entertain us and remind us of everything We have felt with his timeless successes. Shortly before his musical rendezvous with the viewers of the Grand Canal, Stamatis Kraounakis spoke about everything he has prepared for this “Celebration at Home” as is the title of his new album. joy in these difficult hours in this climate of insecurity and fear, to be given the opportunity and thank you very much MEGA to prepare a great and true music party. I am happy because very fine children participate in this night. We did a very fine program, a program only for MEGA “said Stamatis Kraounakis, revealing that during the quarantine, he wrote new” very bright “songs as he described them, which the audience will enjoy for the first time on Saturday at MEGA. “It simply came to my notice then. I am an optimistic person. I do not like those who say ‘I like quarantine because I found myself’. It is good to have found yourself and to carry him out of quarantine “he said jokingly. Regarding the great career he has made, the composer answered with absolute honesty:” I always place a bet. I keep hearing about the achievements of my contemporaries and huge colleagues who have given masterpieces. This creates a terrible measure for me not to get anything with how high I reached. I’m always at zero and I always like to zero in because that gives me momentum and keeps me young. ”Yes, new kids are coming out today. We, the creators, just have to feed the voices, not forget that. I do it. Speaking to MEGA’s camera, Stamatis Kraounakis stated that there are always new children with good voices, the creators just have to feed the voices. In another night “House with MEGA” together with Stamatis Kraounakis and special guests: Eleni Vitali , Christos Gerontidis, Foivos Delivorias, Sakis Karathanasis, Kelly Kelekidou, Costas Bougiotis, George Stivanakis and Manolis Mitsias take the stage and sing next to the great creator Stamatis Kraounakis. of viewers with songs that have left history exclusively on MEGA. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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