Home with MEGA: Songs that wrote history and moving moments at Kraounakis’ concert

A very special night was presented by Stamatis Kraounakis to the viewers of MEGA. The composer with his spontaneity and temperament went on stage of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus for the needs of the show “House with MEGA” and gave his best. With distinguished guests and songs from all over Kraounakis impressed the audience and especially captured it on a magical night. “Celebration in the houses”, then, with 14 fresh songs that were created during the quarantine. The evening started with the song “The birds are trolling me” which he sings on the album. During the song, Kraounakis greeted the people of the country in his own unique way. While his excellent musicians play the melody, he listed parts of Greece, sending greetings to towns and villages from north to south. In a festive atmosphere The entrance of Kelly Kelekidou took place, which she characterized as “a girl rare with a teapot”. With an impressive look, the singer sang “I am tormented” from the album “Celebration in the houses. In the same mood and Eleni Vitali who sang the song” His ark of the world “but also Phoebus Delivorias with” I know where I am going. Friend with me, I set sail and I get lost ” “Friend me, I set sail and I get lost, look at me, I fly to find you”, sang Stamatis Kraounakis and the MEGA viewers traveled mentally accompanied by the wonderful lyrics. Together with the emblem His great success was the “Ask me what you want” which we have adored with the voice of Alkistis Protopsaltis. When I have you περίπου It took about two decades for Stamatis Kraounakis and Dimitris Mitropanos to work together. They both wanted it very much but they did not succeed. In 2011, however, the dream came true and the album “Here we are” was created. From the collaboration, “When I have you” stood out and went down in history, a piece with lyrics by Lakis Lazopoulos that Mitropanos took off with his voice. Honoring his friend and a great folk singer Kraounakis sang the song heartbreakingly giving the audience a magical moment. Every night I go out to drown The song “This night stays” that he wrote for the film of the same name by Nikos Panagiotopoulos song station, which was awarded at the 41st Thessaloniki Festival was a great success and gave new life to the career of Dimitra Papiou who performed it in the first performance. I will never enter another bodyStamatis Kraounakis and Manolis Mitsias performed “Never”, the song was first collaboration between them. When the lyrics of Lina Nikolakopoulou met the music of Stamatis Kraounakis and the voice of Manolis Mitsias, Something unique was born. On the last night of ζαν Kazantzidis “My last night” Stamatis Kraounakis sang in another unique night at Home with MEGA. Certainly not the last… In lyrics of the shocking Eftychia Papagiannopoulou who wrote pieces taken from the flesh of life and music of the great Stelios Kazantzidis “My last night” or “Life has two doors”, performed by the unique Stamatis Kraounakis and his of εί Spiras in “House with MEGA” that makes the first night of quarantine of its viewers different. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news

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