Home with MEGA: On Saturday, November 7 with Stamatis Kraounakis

Stamatis Kraounakis comes to “HOME WITH MEGA” on Saturday, November 7 at 21:00. The great composer, who has written some of the most important songs of Greek music, will move us, entertain us and remind us of everything we have felt with his timeless successes. Joys, important moments and loves. The songs of Stamatis Kraounakis were and remain all that we have experienced, the ones that we have loved and still love. From the emblematic “When I have you” to “Salvation of the soul”, the “Red glasses” and “Friend me”, All the great musical “moments” of the great creator take a “place” on the stage of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus and come to our screens on Saturday night. “HOME WITH MEGA” this Saturday has prepared a great celebration, a unique music “Moment” with Stamatis Kraounakis and his special guests. Eleni Vitali, Christos Gerontidis, Phoebus Delivorias, Sakis Karathanasis, Kelly Kelekidou, Costas Bougiotis, George Stivanakis and Manolis Mitsias take the stage and sing next to the great creator Sta. homes “of all viewers with songs that have left history exclusively on MEGA.” HOME WITH MEGA “with Stamatis Kraounakis, Saturday, November 7 at 21:00 #SpitiMeToMega #neoprogrammaepitelousFacebook: Home with MEGAInstagram: Twitter : Dimitris TsigosExecutive Producer: Natasa LesiotiExpert Editor: Georgios VlachogiannisMusic Editing & Coordination Artists: Antonis DimitriadisProduction Organization: Rena VougioukaProduction Manager: Eleni Panagopoulou on All

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