Home with MEGA: Frenzy party with Kraounakis and his friends

Forty years of progress, 60 personal albums, dozens of participations, 30 musical performances and music for over 54 plays. All this Stamatis Kraounakis tried to “fit” in a three-hour program in “House with MEGA”. The popular composer gave His best self on the stage of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus and gave the viewers of the big channel unique moments. Great help in this were the distinguished guests he had with him and of course four talented boys from Spira Spira who wrote history in the Greek music scene. “God if it is “by Kelly KelekidouKelly Kelekidou took to the stage of the Municipal Theater and impressed the audience. did not hesitate to sing uniquely the song “God if it is”, with lyrics by Lina Nikolakopoulou and music by Goran Bre The famous singer said that it is difficult to choose one of the songs of the songwriter. “It has so many pieces, that it would be unfair to single one out.” “Great artist, creator, producer, lyricist, writer, one word can not describe Stop. He knows how to get information from people. What has happened to me between us is a gift and every time I feel excited because he is a man who has given me wings in a difficult period, because I recently lost my father and Stamatis appeared in my life as a machine God and gave me again “Wings” said Kelekidou about Stamatis Kraounakis. A moving “Never” by Manolis Mitsias On the stage of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus Manolis Mitsias also appeared. “Anniversary”, “In Eleusis once” and “Tomorrow again” to accompany him from the piano, in three moving interpretations. Mitsias still sang the legendary “Never” but also “Crazy” in music and lyrics by Akis Panos. knows. Really, every time I work with him, I learn something more “said Manolis Mitsias and continued:” I consider him a member of my family. Many stories, many nights we spent together. Usually, the moments we lived together in the studio are great, when Stamatis always sparks euphoria in the singer with his spontaneity. Every song is a story “. Eleni Vitali: There is no song by Stamatis that I do not want to sing. A rare appearance next to the famous composer was made by the singer Eleni Vitali. And “The Ark of the World” from the latest album of Stamatis Kraounakis. Eleni Vitali and Stamatis Kraounakis sang and danced “Glenta ti zoi” via the internet from his home. “Stamatis is such a man in music, Rigas Feraios.” It is wonderful. Stamatis is a Man. It is above all a heart “, said the singer for the popular songwriter.” There is no song by Stamatis that I do not want to sing “, admitted Eleni Vitali speaking from the bottom of her heart about Stamatis Kraounakis. The song “I know where I am going” from the last album of Stamatis Kraounakis “Celebration in the houses” was performed by the two artists. and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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