Home with MEGA: Exciting moments with Dionysis Savvopoulos and his guests

In the magical night of Dionysis Savvopoulos at MEGA, distinguished guests were gathered near him who with talent helped the songwriter to tell his own unique stories. Papadopoulou and Alexandra Sieti. However, the presence of Christos Dantis, Manolis Mitsias and Violeta Ikaris was special, performers who impressed the audience and I gave a special color to the MEGA concert. Wonderful performances by Manolis Mitsias during of the wonderful song “With airplanes and steamers” and as the songwriter said: “This time we will hear it from a friend and a very good and modest singer. Imagine that when he was young he used to go to church. ”Dionysis Savvopoulos, with the unique Manolis Mitsias by his side, performed the uplifting“ Tsamiko ”in music and lyrics by the host of this music night at MEGA. singer “flooded the studio at” House with MEGA “. Rock mood by Christos Dantis” I am very happy to have Christos Dantis with us. Of course we of art consider that it is another bank but I never stuck to such signs. If someone has a voice, he has a voice. That is why I especially love and appreciate my colleague Christos Dantis “. With these words, Dionysis Savvopoulos welcomed Christos Dantis on the MEGA music scene and together they sang favorite songs, traveling and stirring up the viewers.” Violeta Aileka Ίka , the girl from Ikaria. She is a lyricist, she is a composer, but mainly she is a singer capable of meeting the requirements of both folk song and rock and art, always remaining the same in the background. This is the great thing. ”These were the words of the great artist for Violeta Ikari who was welcomed on the MEGA stage and together they sang favorite songs. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and World, in

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