Home with MEGA: Eleftheria Arvanitaki on the soundtracks we loved

The show “HOME WITH MEGA”, the favorite musical rendezvous of the viewers, on Saturday, October 31 at 21:00 welcomes Eleftheria Arvanitaki. The only performer presents for the first time on Greek television a complete music program specially designed for MEGA viewers. With her, in “HOME WITH MEGA”, there will be distinguished guests, collaborators but and old friends. Christos Nikolopoulos, Lakis Lazopoulos and Michalis Hatzigiannis share with Eleftheria Arvanitaki everything that unites them. A new and very promising singer, Thodoris Voutsikakis, is coming on stage. Eleftheria Arvanitaki, in her 40 years of career, has performed wonderful songs from favorite soundtracks. Topping the legendary “Anastasia” but also “What is missing” the singer has dressed with her voice films that marked our life. “Mania” (1985) by George Panousopoulos Eleftheria Arvanitaki sings the songs “Stin archi tou tragoudiou” and “I will put on your handkerchief” to music by Nikos Xydakis. “Loofah and variation” (1986) by Nikos Perakis The singer participates with the song “Tsifteteli” to music by Nikos Mamagakis “Absences” (1987) by George Katakouzinos “Tani-RA” and “Ani-Mela-E” to music by Stamatis Spanoudakis by the singer “Anastasia” (1993) by Mirella Papaikonomou Eleftheria Arvanitaki sings to music by Dimitris Papadimitriou the songs of the series “Anastasia”, “I want to see you”, the night is over ┬╗The life I did not live (1998) by Mirella PapaikonomouThe song of the titles” The train of 9.10 “is sung by Eleftheria Arvanitaki Nikos Kypourg “Female company” (2000) by Nikos Perakis With the songs “If Love is Ill”, “Disco” and “I am a Woman” to music by Nikos Mamagakis Arvanitaki participates in the album “Brazilero” (2001) Eleftheria Arvanitaki participates in the songs “Ti Lipei” and “Telos (Ola Archizoun Edo)” to music by Nikos Portokaloglou “Oxygen” (2003) by Michalis Reppas and Thanassis Papathanassiou Eleftheria Arvanitaki sings the song “Finally there is no here” with lyrics by Aphrodite Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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