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Dionysis Savvopoulos gave unique moments to the viewers of the show on “Home with MEGA” with his inexhaustible talent not only scrambling melodies but also telling stories. Nionios of the Greek music scene, the man who changed the way music is written proved once again that he can charm. At the age of 75 Savvopoulos wishes “to be well, to meet” and begins to sing “We the excursionists of the ’60s”. Songs written decades ago and yet so today and with meanings that will Diamonds that have grown up for generations and still impress for their truth and the sincerity that they hide in their lyrics. Happy to meet MEGA “Happy to meet in these music nights organized by the big channel” said the singer at the beginning of night and introduced his collaborators to the public. Next to him the “demons” as he characterized two of the most important Greek musicians, Yos Kiourtsoglou and Stavros Lantsia. With him are the talented Sakis Dovolis, Klaudia Papadopoulou and Alexandra Sieti. “We wish you a bright night, we kiss your cheeks, and have a good time” he said before interpreting the wonderful “Sea and Among the songs that Savvopoulos chose to perform from his huge discography is “Angel Exangelos”, a 1972 song, adapted by Bob Dylan. “I translated this song by Dylan when it was Woodstock . On the Woodstock stage, those heavenly clowns, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, had ascended and showed us with their magic, that is, their playing, that under the revolt in the universities and under the squatters, there was the unquenchable thirst, the the fever of heaven. ”A fiery love. “All of them had influenced me from an early age and at some point, without realizing it, he stole 6 meters of music from a song by Dylan”, the great artist noted. Moments from world music history, moments that inspired him and after that dozens of artists in Greece. On the MEGA stage, however, other station songs were heard, such as “With a little help from my Friends” by John Lennon and Paul McCarthy but also “Children Lost” with lyrics and music by Dionysis Savvopoulos. Melodies carved in prison “I was once in prison for political reasons.” Others suffered more but it was also difficult for me because they threw me in a cell and time did not pass. At one point I see from the skylight of the cell the elevated room of the service officer. A lamp hung from the ceiling. It was exactly the same lamp we had in my dad’s living room. It seemed to me as if a light came from my childhood and found me in prison. I felt a consolation. I have, I can say, sweet memories from prison. Even in prison I wrote the songs. Those were difficult years. “With these words, Dionysis Savvopoulos sang the song” The Demosthenes word “. The singer was accompanied on the music scene by MEGA, Christos Dantis. The story behind “Synnefoula” Dionysis Savvopoulos explains where he got his inspiration for “Synnefoula”, taking a walk in his past, when he was a teenager. Tryfo’s film in which he played a waltz, but also “a chaperone that was bothering him at that time”, were the occasion for the lyrics of “Cloud” to be scratched for the first time. “I kept the idea, and later I put other music more suitable in these happy-unhappy lyrics and it became the following song “, he said before starting to play the favorite” Synnefoula “. When Sotiria Bellou sang pop Dionysis Savvopoulos charms the MEGA audience not only with his songs but also with the wonderful stories of. One of them for the creation of the wonderful “With planes and steamers” was remembered in “House with MEGA”. “From time to time I have made various ambitious efforts to write a zebek, a butcher, a tsamiko. On my first attempt I fished. I had written that ‘Airplanes and steamers’ and I had called the unforgettable Sotiria Bellou to sing it. He came and said it divinely and I was very moved. I was saying to myself that I finally managed to write a folk song. At the end, Sotiria came and said to me, ‘Oh, Dionysis. You made me sing and pop. However, she put it in her repertoire and always said it. “The singer then welcomed Manolis Mitsias on stage, about whom he said:” This time we will hear it from a friend and a very good and modest singer. Imagine that when he was young he used to go to church. “” Almost 75 years old… “Dionysis Savvopoulos gave a wish to the viewers of” House with MEGA “through his TV concert.” May your dreams be golden and may we always be “Let’s meet well”, said the great singer and sang the song “We of the ’60s are the excursionists”. And what I ask Savvopoulos sang songs of friends of the songwriters, moving the viewers. Two great hits that he has sung in the past and has loved a lot Dionysis Savvopoulos was chosen by the audience for the music night at MEGA. The “And what do I ask for” by the late Lavrenti Macharitsas and the “Watch me” by Nikos Portokaloglou gave to the viewers of the show and moved with his performance. The great creator said goodbye to the viewers who kept him company for more than three hours with “Hey Jude” by John Lennon and Paul McCarthy. After thanking everyone who worked together in order to make this TV concert, musicians, guests and of course MEGA, Dionysis Savvopoulos closed a wish. “Let’s be good to meet”. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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