“History without a Name”: The award-winning performance at the Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation

The stormy love of Penelope Delta and Ionas Dragoumis, returns again on the stage of the Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation on October 21. With the special directorial look of Costas Gakis, the award-winning joint book by Stefanos Dandolos ” Psychogios), evolved into a show phenomenon through the theatrical adaptation of Anthi Founta and Kostas Gakis. He was adored by the public, received rave reviews and was distinguished as “The show of the year” by the Thessaloniki Theater Awards, among others. Tassos Nousias, one of the most important actors of his generation, embodies the emblematic and for many controversial diplomat, scholar and politician Ionas Dragoumis. The excellent Betty Libanou and the apocalyptic Maria Papafotiou share two different eras of the great writer and historical figure, Penelope Delta. Nikos Orfanos is added to the distribution of the work this year, in the role of Stefanos Delta. The show started its successful course from the Aristotle Theater in Thessaloniki, in December 2019, while from January 17 the triumph continued in Athens, at the Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, with continuous sold out performances. The reception of the show was resounding during her summer tour in Cyprus. “History without a name” is the play that swept the theatrical awards of Thessaloniki, winning 4 awards, including that of the Best Performance of the year. He was also honored with the Direction Award (Costas Gakis), with the Performance Award (Tassos Nousias, Betty Libanou, Maria Papafotiou, Stathis Mantzoros, Argyris Gaganis, Stelios Giannakos, Mistavis Fountanos) ). Ion Dragoumis and Penelope Delta. A soul divided into two bodies. A buried pain that never subsided. Two sobs bordering. Love and homeland. A story of pleasure and pain. The emblematic diplomat and the great author in a mental life of desire, dreams, high ideals, high commitments, high visions. # MCF is with you again! October 21, 2020 Story without a nameThe stormy love of Ionas Dragoumis and Penelope Μι by Dimodha Kakogiannis – Michael Cacoyannis Foundation on Friday, October 16, 2020

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