Helmut Newton: The legendary SUMO album in a new release

To mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Helmut Newton, TASCHEN has announced that it plans to release a new edition of SUMO. The book, first published in 1999, honors the work of the legendary photographer with more than 400 images on the pages. From the moment of its first release, SUMO broke a record due to its weight (35.4 kg) and its dimensions – which gave it its title – while it was quickly exhausted and its resale prices skyrocketed. a Philippe Starck-designed bookstand. https://t.co/gCpPMiRRhz— HYPEBEAST (@HYPEBEAST) October 12, 2020For the new edition, TASCHEN has… reduced the book to create Baby SUMO, which is half the size of the 1999 original. from the book, Baby SUMO will be released with a lectern, the base of which was designed by Philippe Starck and a booklet that records how it was created. During his lifetime, Helmut Newton became one of the most famous and important photographers in the world. Baby SUMO includes some of his most notable works, including portraits for Vogue during his long career, as well as personal essays written by Newton. The new edition of the book has been edited by the late photographer’s wife. June Newton. The book will be available in 10,000 copies and will cost $ 1,500. Baby SUMO will be available through the TASCHEN online store on October 31, the day the German photographer turns 100. Helmut Newton, born in Berlin in 1920, died in a car accident in Los Angeles in 2004.

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