Heating allowance: Advance payment in December – Gas extension

The fan “opens” for heating allowance and other fuels giving the opportunity to other beneficiaries to receive money. The extension of the allowance for the use of natural gas has been decided, as it is now a fact that the penetration of fuel in many cities has increased The heating allowance In the extension of the heating allowance, as reported by Technologybud and the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras referred to natural gas. The Minister of Finance pointed out that “the heating allowance is a proof of the government’s sensitivity. 2020. As he said there is thought for the extension of the allowance to other forms such as natural gas. Regarding pellets and firewood, he said, speaking to SKAI, that they will be out because they burden the environment, while for electricity, he said that the social tariff already exists. Any final decisions on the heating allowance will provide safeguards to ensure that the amount will be paid to the beneficiaries solely for the specific purpose, ie for heating. last year, as well as the amount of the allowance, while the payment of a total of 84 million euros is expected to be made by the end of December. Heating oil The circulation of heating oil started at a low price of 78 cents per liter and just above 80 cents per liter in the island regions of the country. The starting price last year was 1,036 euros per liter and the closing price on May 31 at 0.76 euros per liter. Sources of the oil market note that the low prices for oil are expected to be maintained for in the next period, a positive development for consumers but also for companies, which are looking forward to an increase in consumption. However, despite the very low price, the market is “frozen”, as the majority of households took advantage of the low prices at the end of the previous period and the one-month extension (May 31) given by the government due to COVID-19 and have stockpiled fuel for the new season.In addition, weather conditions across the country are not helping heating oil sales.

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