Hassan is “second” El Arabi for Olympiacos

Olympiakos achieved its goal in the match with Apollon, beating its opponent 2-0, in a game in which the red and whites could have scored more goals, but they fell to the amazing goalkeeper of the guests. elusive, but in the end the champions found the solution and got the three points with Hassan as the main protagonist. The Egyptian striker showed (again) how valuable a player he is for Olympiakos and we must not forget that he is a center forward approaching 50% in It was a “full” appearance by the international striker of Olympiacos, who was used in the basic lineup by Pedro Martins. It is not an exaggeration to claim that Hassan showed yesterday with the his appearance, how he should be the center forward. The strike of the champions was impressive throughout the game and turned Apollo’s defense upside down, constantly threatening the home of the With the right moves in the area, with movement outside it to open “corridors” and most importantly with persistence to score. The Apollon goalkeeper said “no” on several occasions to Hassan (and other Olympiacos players), but the Egyptian had the “clear” mind to send the ball into the net. He saw the goalkeeper of Apollo make great saves, but Hassan did what the center forward should do. with the two valuable goals he scored. And we say valuable because with these goals the champions got three points in a game that became more difficult since the champions did not score in the first half. Hassan shows that he is always ready to “take the chestnuts out of the fire” And this is a very big deal for the Piraeus coach. Pedro Martins knows very well that he can rely on the Egyptian center forward, whether he chooses him for ninety minutes or for theā€¦ delays of a match. And this is his big “weapon” international striker, that is, he is able to take advantage of half the opportunity to score. Olympiacos has found in the face of the Egyptian an excellent goal scorer. A striker who can serve his coach’s plans in many ways and this is something that makes him unique in the eyes of the Portuguese coach of the red and whites. There is no doubt that Martins is very lucky to have a talent striker on his roster and Hassan’s ability to score. Because we are dealing with a center forward who could very well be key and this is proven by his performance with the red and white jersey. He is essentially a “second” El Arabi for the champions. Greece and this is recognized by everyone in Renti, with the Egyptian making the difference with the goals he scores. Of course, no one here should forget that Olympiacos gave 2.5 million euros to Braga for the acquisition of the player and correctly gave them , seeing the Egyptian be more than effective in scoring. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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