Hassan … cleared for Olympiakos (2-0)

With a great protagonist Ahmed Hassan, Olympiacos prevailed in Karaiskaki of Apollon Smyrni with 2-0, for the 7th game of the Super League. The Egyptian striker scored twice in the second half (65 ‘, 72’) and gave the three-pointer to his team. Martins wanted to rest players, after the difficult away game given by the Red and Whites with Porto for the Champions League, but and in view of the match that follows with City in Manchester, he made many changes in the 11th team. had the opportunity to “check” the playing condition of the players acquired in the last period of the transfer window. The Red and Whites despite the many changes were stormy and created many opportunities in both the first and second half and the score could be much higher With this three-pointer, Olympiakos reached 13 points in five matches (the games with AEK and PAOK have been postponed) and climbed to the top. score, while on the other hand Apollo remained at 3 points. Piraeus now turn their eyes to midweek game with City in Manchester for the 3rd group stage of the Champions League. Pedro Martins led Olympiakos 4-2-3-1, with Sa in front of the home and Vinagre , Cisse, Papadopoulos and Dreger in the defense quartet. Bouhalakis and Pepe were in the midfield, with Lovera and Brouma at both ends and Fortounis behind Hassan. On the other hand, Giorgos Paraschos started Apollon Smyrnis with the following 11 teams: Verhulst, Baxevanidis, Dominguez, Lisgara, Brucic, Vitli, Kol, Slivka, Fation, Mounier and Ioannidis. Olympiakos tried to to find gaps in the defense of Apollo of Smyrna. The guests, however, with a double defense zone, had closed the spaces well towards Verhulst’s home. The first good moment in the match took place in the 9th minute. Fortounis committed the foul that Piraeus had won from the right, Cisse took the lead, but the goalkeeper of Apollo repulsed and kept the score at zero. In the 11th minute, it was the turn of the guests to threaten. Vitlis made the cross from the left, Ioannidis took the header, but the ball went past Sa’s left crossbar and went out. The Red and Whites had the possession of the ball, but the double defense zone of the Light Brigade made it very difficult for the players of Pedro Martins. Opportunities for Olympiakos, Bouhalakis forced change. piles of opportunities to open the score. In the 31st minute, Lovera slipped out of the area of ​​Apollon and shot hard, but Verhulst blocked. Three minutes later, Piraeus reached 1-0, but the goalkeeper of the guests said “no” to Hassan. Fortounis committed the foul, the Egyptian took the header, sent the ball to the corner of Verhulst’s goal, but Apollo’s goalkeeper fell and repelled. In the 34th minute, the Greek champions threatened again, this time with Brouma. The Portuguese midfielder found himself in a position to shoot, he shot directly, but the Apollon goalkeeper said “no” again, dismissing in a corner. In the 40th minute, Pedro Martins was forced to make his first change in the game, after Bouhalakis felt discomfort in the middle and could not continue. Iviras put Embilas in the game, with the French “maestro” replacing the international midfielder. In the 45th minute, Piraeus lost another opportunity to open the score. Fortounis again committed the foul that the Red and Whites had won, Hassan made the header, but Verhulst was in the right position and repulsed. In 45 + 2 ‘the international ace executed another set ball, Cisse got the header, but the ball went out. Thus, the first half ended with the bright table in Karaiskaki showing 0-0. Changes, crossbar and double Hassan. Arabi instead of Fortouni and Bruma. In the first minutes of the second half, Olympiakos, as in the first half, was trying to find the gaps in the defense of Apollon. After 15 minutes, the Red and Whites increased their pressure even more and reached a σα breath from 1-0. In the 61st minute, Valbouena crossed from the right, Hassan made the header, but Verhulst fell in his corner and repulsed. Great opportunity from the Egyptian, even more important intervention by the goalkeeper of Apollo. At 62 Μαρ Martins made another change, putting Masura in place of Lovera. One, two or three. It was a matter of time for Olympiacos to open the score and in 65 ‘they succeeded. Valbouena took the corner, the ball remained in the heart of Apollo’s defense, it was passed to Hassan and he shot it into Verhulst’s net. The goal was checked in the VAR and Papapetrou himself saw the phase on the monitor, after the guests complained about a foul at the beginning of the phase. The goal counted and Olympiakos made it 1-0. In the 72nd minute, Hassan “hit” for the second time in the game and doubled the goals of Piraeus. Valbouena opened the scoring for Masoura, who turned from the left and the Egyptian striker beat Verhulst with a shot, making it 2-0. The African essentially “sealed” the victory of the Red and Whites and put a gravestone in the dreams of the guests for a positive result in G. Karaiskakis. In 83 ‘El Arabi came close to 3-0, but Verhulst repulsed. Valbouena crossed from the right, Masouras took the head on the second crossbar, gave it to the Moroccan striker and he tried to score with a header. The Apollo goalkeeper, however, instinctively repulsed in a corner. A minute later, the international striker had a second crossbar. Valbouena this time was on the left side, made the cross, El Arabi tried to score, but the ball stopped on the outside of the crossbar and went out. The water had entered the ditch, with the last whistle of Papapetros finding the Olympic winner 2-0. Olympiacos (P. Martins): Sa, Dreger (82 ′ Bruno), Vinagre, Cisse, Papadopoulos, Pepe, Bouhalakis (41 . Ltr. Embila), Fortounis (46 ′ El Arabi), Bruma (46 αλ Valbouena), Lovera (62 ′ Masouras), Hassan. Vitlis (80 ′ Lagos), Kol (65 ′ Bentinelli), Fation (86 ′ Kragiopoulos), Slivka, Mounier (64 ′ Mounier), Ioannidis (80 ′ Fernandez). Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news Latest News from Greece and the World, at

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