Happy in their faith

Almost twenty years ago I worked in radio. I was sharing a daily show with the excellent journalist Vassilis Adamopoulos. Vassilis unfolded the news for our listeners – completely, discreetly and in a balanced way. As a writer, I had to make the unexpected comments, turn the picture upside down, put on wicks. Our combination worked. In the pre-election periods, politicians, MPs, ministers paraded from our studio – as in front of every camera and microphone. Some remarkable, ambitious, capable. Other chalasochorites, arivists and sogambros of calamity. But all musicians in the same orchestra called the political staff of the Greek Republic. One morning we had a different guest. A professional executive of a small left party. A man with dusty shoes – “I travel either by bus or on foot” -, with patches on the elbows of his jacket, with a prisoner on his back. It was the eve of the Olympic Games. The country was in prosperity, it lived its myth. “We are on a very bad road!” Our musafir announced to us. “What do we want from the subways and the airports and the bridges? Capitalism is invading and will become our international transit hub! The people have surrendered to the most vulgar consumerism! ” “What should the people do?” “To return to the primary and secondary sector. To cultivate the land, to sweat in the factories, to have fun with retsina, ouzo and with songs of ours, of joy and toil. Not with rock by-products of American culture that propagate drugs… “. “Do you believe that?” I rolled my eyes in amazement. He believed them. Fully. When Greece went bankrupt in 2010, it felt deeply justified. When he took over as minister in 2015, he set out to build socialism – he felt like a liberator in Havana, Tsipras was watching, Fidel Castro was watching. When, after the historic “asshole” and the third Memorandum, he left SYRIZA furious, he took his iconostasis with him. The seven forms of prophets and heroes will be worshiped even if their sternal follower remains. The holy books – Marx and Lenin – will study day and night, search and (think) find in their pages the answers to everything. And he will end one day “dressed in his faith, modestly”, happy according to Cavafy. Many of us point to paradoxes. In other words, paradoxes for us, for the three grandchildren of the Enlightenment, that we mean to examine everything through logic, that we enjoy revising, to demystify. That we have as a foundation science, as ideally the liberal democracy, the open society, the secular state. That we do not raise a fly on our sword when free expression, the right to health and education are threatened, whenever equality between the sexes and races is questioned. For many of our fellow citizens all of the above are not fine print. But horrible misspellings. If life goes smoothly, you do not pay attention to them. Why bother the lady next door whose purpose in life is to worship every nunnery in the Balkans? Why waste time and saliva to fight with the Stalinist, with the neo-puritan of political correctness, with the maniac of astrology? Everyone as he finds it. They do not bother you and you do not bother them. Or – worse – whatever you get sick of the “blood and body of Christ” and still die, will you go to the Upper Jerusalem, in real life, with those you clung to? How to deal with those who make sense of their existence with the Course of the Polytechnic? And do they consider the pandemic to be an alibi for the suspension of popular liberties, perhaps even for the imposition of a dictatorship? They experience their passion with the same intensity. And the more they insult and curse them, the more they become fanatics. The mockery of many feeds them. He convinces them that they are special. “I did not cut my veins!” you will say. “I threatened it but I did not do it. I got rid of it and went below… “. This is exactly what we hope for the” skeptics “of the pandemic. For soon-to-be vaccine deniers. Get rid of their destructive ideologies in time. To be enchanted. To shout redemptively, under the terror of even the pipelines and deaths: “Enough, enough, the rain is enough! My mother will not do it to me again! ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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