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In 1910, Eleftherios Venizelos began his first speech, as prime minister, in Parliament with a mantinada, apparently a response to those who mocked him for his Cretan attire. These are words that, since then, have taken their place as a reference in our daily vocabulary. “As if the goat is strong / the pen does not narrow it / the man makes the generation / and not the generation the man”. The associations with Emanuel Macron, the man who “makes” a European generation not with old people but with ideological terms. And while in recent years Europe – as a center of decision-making – has been accused of softness, conventionality, incompetence, indecision, embarrassment, Macron, defending not only the European way of life but his role in culture in general, has taken the situation vigorously. in his hands and declared war on Islamic terrorism exposed to a religious fundamentalist hatred. It is not easy for women in Tehran (as I saw in a photo in yesterday’s “NEWS”) to protest against him by putting a shoe in front of his photo, a far-reaching gesture of Muslim anger. After many years, Europe has found a leader who fits our age. Bold, unconventional in substance and not only in words (he proved it with the choice of his wife 25 years older), with distances from the “populism of closeness” (it is characteristic how he had responded to the teenage student who addressed him publicly with small as if they were friends), effective in handling the Yellow Vest movement, with empathy (he went to Beirut a few hours after the August 4 explosion), with respect for personal freedoms (remember his photo with a transsexual and a drug queens). And, above all, without phobic syndromes when it comes to defending conquered European values. Yesterday’s terrorist attack in Nice, with three dead, two of whom were beheaded, is not only another challenge for “Manou” but also a proof of how much he Our European neighborhood is in need. On provocation and other demons On the other hand, these are the main teachers who return at every opportunity to sacrifice on the altar of challenge – and the media projection that entails – the basic ideological and scientific parameters. Okay, everyone’s right to think that Macron’s policy is offensive, but also our right to think that this view is not far from the one that the rape victim wants to provoke his rapist if he wears a revealing outfit. “Sit quietly or I will hit you” has long since been overtaken as a pedagogical method, let alone as a socio-political or geopolitical documentation. And this reduction to the Crusades is enough. Almost a thousand years later, there is neither collective responsibility nor collective guilt. Their report is reminiscent of dark-skinned priests who tried – once upon a time – to cultivate in the children of the catechism the responsibility for the original sin. From the European Parliament to TV on the way back. We ate the lad. And what has it to do with politics and from where and to where in the European Parliament and who are those who voted for him and this and that. In the end, however, it seems that his audience trusts him more in Brussels than on television. Because if they saw the game presented by those who voted for him in the European elections, I do not think it would be cut due to low ratings. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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