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The good man Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had seen the work. And he warned Mitsotakis and Anastasiadis that Erdogan would fill us with jihadists (“TA NEA”, 24-25 / 10). The Egyptian president knows the work from his country with the Muslim Brotherhood. For many years now, Erdogan has been trafficking mercenaries in Egypt, Libya, many countries in the Middle East and Africa, in the Caucasus. Nothing but hurt volunteers and willing fanatics. You buy them from the basket. So as soon as Macron broke it for him, the beheadings began. A few days ago, the authorized psychopaths beheaded Samuel Patti. Yesterday three more in Nice. Confirming that this Turkey is not a problem. It is a danger. It is trying to blackmail Europe with immigrants and jihadists. …) Is that Europe can no longer pretend that it does not understand who it is dealing with. Even in Merkel, Erdogan fell. Now France is asking for sanctions. But the usual sanctions may not be enough: they must be such that Turkey can not live with them. Europe has nothing to lose anyway. The scenario of reconciliation or alliance has long since expired. Turkey has made its way. No one wants to reconcile or partner with anyone. Nor can the West live in perpetuity with guilt for the Crusades or colonialism. Twenty-five years ago, Pascal Brickner described these guilt in an award-winning book entitled The tyranny of repentance. An Essay on Western Masochism “(Grasset, 1995). So if Europe wants to survive, it must overcome its masochism. Understand that it is living an unprecedented conflict – unprecedented because part of the enemy is hiding inside. Of course some are talking about “multiculturalism”. I do not know if it is the time and if it concerns the Muslims but no objection. As long as they say it to the beheaded people in their area. They may also have liked the many cultures. But they only had one head. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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