Greek trumpeters bet on the pandemic

The special manifestations of a peculiar, Balkan trumpet have been revealed in the last weeks in the country, against the background of the outbreak of the pandemic. Political forces of the opposition, with SYRIZA and its leadership predominant, At the same time, official partisan media and social media trolls are spreading all sorts of false and non-existent gossip. Just a few days after Trump’s defeat at the polls, it is becoming clear that his “legacy” is real – not just in the US. The phenomenon of political outrage, as it has developed in Greece in the last decade, is trying to rekindle. However, the effort is not evolving in the fertile soil of the past. Ex-post Findings Social networks, a field in which this kind of “sprayed” expression thrives, have been flooded in recent days by posts with the specific characteristics of this political behavior. : fake news, offensive and provocative comments, subversive and false information about the course of the pandemic, populist approaches. All this is accompanied by ex-post findings on measures that should have been taken earlier (but also which none of the late, self-taught epidemiologists took care to ask for) and delayed criticism when measures are decided. Recent typical examples of this new form ” Activism ”were among others: The successive posts of Pavlos Polakis from Tsimpousi in Chania, in the midst of a ban and an outbreak of the pandemic, for the ICU beds in“ Sotiria ”and his… on-site autopsy. Alexis Tsipras, in fact, adopted all this, refusing to disapprove of the former Deputy Minister of Health. What the SYRIZA executive, former rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Giannis Milopoulos, said in a post. She was referred to as “his acquaintance”, who allegedly waited in a line in Thessaloniki, but in the end did not take a covid test and nevertheless received information that the test was positive. Following the denials, an investigation was ordered by the Thessaloniki Prosecutor’s Office and Mr. Milopoulos withdrew his post. The attacks and publications against the Minister of Education, Nikis Kerameos, on the occasion of the problems of the e-learning platform at the beginning of the week. They systematically concealed that the collapse of the network was pan-European and was due to a malfunction of Cisco central servers. The allegations are categorically refuted by doctors and officials, no evidence or complaints are presented to substantiate them. In particular, the relevant initiative by trade union doctors in Thessaloniki, which is under pressure from the pandemic, provoked many reactions, a few hours after the Minister of Citizen Protection, Michalis Chrysochoidis, had clarified that there would be no marches. attempt to cultivate a new type of anti-system, turn a blind eye to pandemic deniers and all sorts of “sprayed”. Combined with misleading opposition announcements of benefits, wages and insurance contributions in all public funds affected by the pandemic, tax exemptions, recruitment (permanent) of thousands of doctors, nurses, bus drivers, construction of school halls and public transport purchases and, of course, the creation of hundreds of ICUs across the territory. , as the ott More than 6,000 health personnel have been recruited in recent months, or that Greece is a country where the ratio of medical and nursing staff per 100,000 inhabitants is 610.4 and is one of the highest in Europe, according to the latest figures. In fact, all this is an attempt to revive the “tragic” methods of the last decade, in which Alexis Tsipras and Panos Kammenos practiced and distinguished themselves. And of course, the key component of the attack on the media is not missing. Back to the Past It is a last-ditch effort by the current opposition and some largely marginalized groups to bring back to politics elements that have dominated since 2012 and shaped the idiot character of the government during the period 2015-2019.After the decline of the phenomenon, which was observed after the last elections, the emergence of the pandemic and the combination of fear (in the first phase) and fatigue (in the second), were addressed by a portion of political forces as an opportunity. In a sense, some saw in the new treaty a new “memorandum” and hastened to return to the tactics of the past. Nevertheless, it is obvious and measured by opinion polls that these forms of political reaction do not have the political repercussions of the past. As can be seen in various cases, such as Polaki’s last post, these are basically behaviors that target a specific circle, and seem to invest in disaster and failure. The impasse The impasse of methods and their limited impact is reflected in one of the Recent research findings: the inability of this political expression to gain ground and political benefits, even if the degree of government acceptance has begun to decline. In this sense, it is established, recorded and pointed out by political analysts and researchers that Disobedience campaigns, false statements and alleged unconventional and anti-systemic political behavior have a limited impact. Nevertheless, their subversive effect, especially in the health field, is real. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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