Greek Croissants: The most expensive football players in the country

Costas Manolas and Dimitris Limnios, with an estimated value of 15-20 million euros, are both the most expensive Greek footballers in the transfer market. Since 2013, it has developed a strong econometric approach to assess the transfer value of professional footballers with a scientific methodology, presenting price ranges for all players of the top five leagues. Behind them, Manolas and Limnio, is Costas Tsimi, who went to Liverpool in the summer from Olympiakos, now with an estimated transfer value of 7-10 million euros, followed by Giorgos Kyriakopoulos, a 24-year-old defender from Sassuolo, a surprise team in Italy (second place behind Milan by two points), with a range worth 7-10 million euros. The top five is completed by Socrates Papastas It should be noted that the estimated value of the transfer to Kostas Mitroglou is less than 1 million euros, while no prices have been given to Dimitris Siova, Stefanos Kapinos and George Vagianidis. The most expensive Greek within our borders is Olympiacos midfielder, Costas Fortounis, with a value, according to the German website “transfertmarkt”, 8 million euros. The table with the estimated values ​​of the Greeks playing in the top five leagues in Europe: Costas Manolas (Napoli): 15-20 million euro- age: 29 years old, contract expiration: 30/6 / 24Dimitris Limnios (Cologne): 15-20 million euros 22 years old, 30/6 / 24Kostas Tsimikas (Liverpool): 10-15 million euros 24 years old, 30/6 / 25Giorgos Kyriakopoulos (Sassuolo): 7-10 million euros 24 years old, 30/6 / 24Socrates Papastathopoulos (Arsenal): 4-7 million euros 32 years old, 30/6 / 21Babis Lykogiannis (Cagliari): 2-4 million euros 27 years old , 30/6 / 22Costas Stafilidis (Hoffenheim): 2-4 million euros 2 6 years old, 30/6/23Konstantinos Mavropanos (Stuttgart): 1-2 million euros 22, 30/6/23Orestis Karnezis (Lille): less than 1 million euros 35 years old, 30/6/23Costas Mitroglou (Marseille): less than 1 million euros 32 years old, 30/6/21 Dimitris Siovas (Huesca): – 32 years old, 30/6 / 22Stefanos Kapino (Werder Bremen): – 26 years old, 30/6 / 22Giorgos Vagiannidis (Inter): – 19 years old, 30 / 6 / 24Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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