Greece that excels: From the lab to the market and now with … a jump on the Nasdaq

The case of the company Advent Technologies, which today is one step ahead of the Nasdaq threshold, has a special peculiarity for the Greek data. I explain: The company not only managed to transfer the results of its research from the laboratory to the market, while achieving their business and commercial utilization but also opens a new chapter in its path through a large stock exchange with an international scope. things in order. I start one of the Institutes of the Institute of Technology and Research. The Institute of Chemical Engineering (IEXMI) was founded and started operating in Rio Patras in 1984 as an independent academic institute. In other words, it is the only Institute of FORTH located outside Crete. In 1987 IEXMI was integrated into the structure of the Institute of Technology and Research (FORTH), whose headquarters are located in Heraklion, Crete. A Technoblast On the Foundation’s site Of Technology and Research (FORTH) I read about Advent: “It was founded in February 2005 by FORTH / IEXMI researchers and associate faculty members of the University of Patras and was funded by industrial partners, private investors, and the Ministry of Development through the B. Develops new materials and systems for energy applications, such as PEM type high temperature fuel cells and organic photovoltaics “. In fact, in the same section of the site one can find interesting information about its activity. More specifically, Advent has expertise in the field of PEM type high temperature fuel cells. In addition, it deals with the design and development of integrated High Temperature Fuel Cell Arrays type PEM. Despite the international “opening” of its activities, one of the bases of Advent is in our country – or rather, it is still in our country and more specifically , in Patras, at the Patras Science Park. The co-founderFrom Patras we travel to Athens we will find Dr. Vassilis Grigoriou – CEO and co-founder of Advent Technologies Inc. of the Board of Directors of the most historic public scientific-research center of the country. In short, in the person of the Director of the NHRF we have the unified expression of an ideal process that was a matter of decades for the Greek “desert country”. In the same person is the researcher of a public research center but also that of the co-founder of a technology and innovation company that managed to gain recognition in the international market and very soon, and that of the shareholder of a company listed on Nasdaq. On the site of EIE I found the biography of Dr. Vassilis Grigoriou: “Dr. V. Grigoriou is an internationally recognized scientist who during his twenty-five-year career to date, has served in research and administrative positions both in Greece (National Research Foundation, Institute of Technology and Research) and in the USA (Advent Technologies, Northe , MIT, Polaroid, Princeton). His research activity extends to a wide range of topics including the fields of flexible photovoltaic cells based on organic semiconductors and optically active materials based on conjugated oligomers and nanocomposite polymeric materials. His previous research activity included characterization of polymeric liquid crystals, orientation characteristics of ionic polymeric multilayers in standard self-assembling monolayers as well as chemometrics. He is also a co-inventor of 15 patents. He has academic teaching experience at undergraduate level (University of Massachusetts) and postgraduate level, both in the USA (University of Connecticut) and in Greece (University of Patras). He has also been president of the Association for Applied Spectroscopy (Society for Applied Spectroscopy – SAS) in the year 2001. Dr. Grigoriou is the National Representative of Greece in the Committee of the European Research Council (ERC) for the Horizon 2020 program, the Mari Sklodowska-Curie actions and the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) sector. Horizon 2020 is the EU’s largest Research and Innovation program. with a total budget of € 80 billion for 7 years (2014-2020). The mission of the European Research Council (ERC) is to encourage high quality research in Europe by providing competitive funding and to support pioneering research in all areas of scientific excellence. The overall budget available for the implementation of its funding plans European Research Council (ERC) under the Horizon 2020 program is worth € 13.095 billion. ”The mergerLet’s get to the latest developments. The listing of Advent on the Nasdaq will be through a merger with AMCI and is expected to be completed in December 2020. The new company that will emerge from the merger of Advent and AMCI will be called Advent Technologies Holdings Inc. and Advent executives will take over. The valuation of the new company is estimated at $ 358 million. The two companies have signed a final agreement, the completion of which is subject to the approval of the shareholders of AMCI and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Let us keep in mind the name of Advent. We will remember her several times in the coming years as she has linked her presence and action to the design, development and production of next generation fuel cells that are expected to replace internal combustion engines and generators. Fuel cells use hydrogen, natural gas or other forms of clean liquid fuels (efuels) to produce “clean” energy. This technology has multiple uses in the automotive industry (especially commercial vehicles and high-capacity trucks), aeronautics and aeronautics ( in off-grid power generation. In addition, the materials developed by Advent have applications in the production of “green” hydrogen from renewable energy sources, as well as in large renewable energy storage batteries (flow batteries).

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