Greece – Slovenia: Compulsory in Rizoupoli, with temporary permission from UEFA

The… barrel of the downstream of the “consolidation” EPO does not have a bottom που but also of the… water pistols that serve it. The EPO led our National team to a dead end by deciding initially, Our representative team in Thessaloniki for next week’s match against Slovenia. In the worst part of the country in terms of corona, as no one seems to be thinking about this EPO. It just serves, not Greek football unfortunately. Civil Protection, as was logical, turned red for Thessaloniki, and so, although the EPO struggled until Friday morning to convince it to allow the use of Toumba, even with very strict measures, it was forced to lead to another solution. The only available stadium other than Rizoupoli that meets European standards was in Tripoli, however there was a problem with the mileage. The fact that there is no airport in the city. Thus, UEFA was forced to give the OK for the unsuitable stadium of Rizoupoli, where the game between Greece and Slovenia will necessarily take place. UEFA exceptionally, and only for this the match, seeing the inability of the EPO and the danger that the match had even if it did not take place, was forced under certain conditions to give the OK for the unsuitable Rizoupoli. In order not to drag Greek football once again, UEFA gave the temporary OK in the EPO to use Rizoupoli with the… sanitizers of the Federation to run to catch up, to do the necessary work in the unsuitable stadium, so that at least it meets some basic rules. Up to two days before the game there will be drastic changes in locker rooms, places of official, journalistic and mainly in matters of security, which have made the stadium unsuitable. We remind you that no other stadium that has European standards could The match between Greece and Slovenia, as Karaiskaki, Peristeri, OAKA and Panthessaliko are changing grass. After all, they have become accustomed to distorting reality once again. It is proven that they do not την stand the truth.

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