Great song stories in “Mega Stories”

Songs of rage, songs of protest, songs of resistance. Each uprising was associated with a rhythmic purpose. But what is the component of the songs that sealed claims for equality, freedom and justice? On Monday, November 16 at 00:10 on the show “MEGA STORIES” Dora Anagnostopoulou explores the history of songs that were milestones for political and social struggles. From the French May 1968 to the Polytechnic generation and the giant peace movements in America in the 1970s, songs are always present. They are there to inspire, to raise the morale of the protesters, to justify and to write, fatally, their own “revolutionary history”. The guests of the show have to tell very interesting song stories. Sometimes having direct, experiential experience and involvement with these songs and other times as simple narrators of their story, they undertake to transport us to the then, so that the young learn and the old remember. Because the history of the games is written, heard and sung. This is the only way to ensure her own immortality over time. The show features (in alphabetical order): Odysseas Ioannou, George – Ikaros Babasakis, George Myzalis, George Dalaras, Pavlos Tsimas, Costas Ferris. Ā«MEGA STORIESĀ» Monday, November 16th at 00: 10Parousiasi-editorial: Gifts AnagnostopoulouSkinothesia: Konstantis FragkopoulosYpefthyni Research: Iliana DaneziErefna Tina PappaOrganosi production: Alexandra BotiKinimatografisi: GAP Filming teamMontaz: Alexander AlefrasEndymatologos: IRO Tsourti # megastories # neoprogrammamegaAkolouthiste it in Google News and learn first all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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