Granada – PAOK: Abel leaves, PAOK stayed alive for the qualification (0-0)

Good performance of PAOK in Andalusia against Granada in the last game of Abel Ferreira on the team’s bench. The biceps could also have won, having a crossbar with Swab in the first half and was almost not threatened at all. With a 4-2-3-1 system, Granada started the game with Diego Martinez, to make three changes in relation to the match. opposite Getafe. Under the beams was Rui Silva and quartet in defense from right to left Neva, Wagejo, Herman and Miya. Herrera-Gonalons were the duo of defensive midfielders with Puertas in front of them in the role of staff midfielder and Kennedy, Matsis at the end of the attack, while Suarez at the top of the attack. With new faces Crespo and Augusto, PAOK lined up against Ispa with the former taking the place of Michaelides and the latter Esiti. Dikefalos lined up in a 3-4-3 formation with Zivkovic under the beams with a trio of stoppers Crespo, Varela, Ingason. Giannoulis covered the left side and Soares the right. In the midfield, Swab, with Augusto with Zolak at the top and Murg and Zivkovic at the ends. After a long time, PAOK reminded something of the recent past when Abel Ferreira’s team was fighting for the qualification to the Champions League qualifiers with Besiktas. and Benfica. Dikefalos had an excellent 45 minutes playing attacking football and forcing the third in the La Liga standings, Granada in a passive role. From the first minutes of the match, the Black and Whites seemed to play freely as if they were the favorite of the match. Certainly the presence in the starting lineup of Augusto helped PAOK not to short circuit in the center area, as in the previous games. The Brazilian together with Swab composed an excellent duo in the midfield who found the solutions to make attacks easier. An important role in removing Granada from the field by not allowing him to play and create phases was the fact that the lines played closer. Also, for the first time we saw in a static phase a combina taking place. Neither last year, nor at the beginning of this season did we see something similar. PAOK with its way of playing managed to close those spaces with the Spaniards not being able to reach Zivkovic’s home, not even with an application. Apart from a shot by Matsis in the 32nd minute, Granada has nothing else to show in the first half. On the contrary, the guests had two good phases that if they were luckier they would be ahead of the score. In the 17th minute, after a foul by Swab, Varela beat Heman in the air with the ball going out. The biggest came 10 minutes later with Swab sending the ball – with a pinch – to the right crossbar of Rui Silva’s goal, after a cross by Ingasson from the right. , albeit with difficulty, but without becoming threatening in front of Zivkovic’s hearth. Apart from Gonalon’s header that the Serbian goalkeeper had a hard time chasing in the 50th minute of the match, the Spanish team had nothing else to show in the match until the 70th minute. Dikefalos may not have had a classic opportunity at the beginning of the second half, but he fought to prevent Granada from closing him in his frame. The two coaches, after completing 70 minutes of play, refreshed their teams a lot, but only those of PAOK gave more things on the pitch regardless of whether the goal came by the end of the match. The Thessalonians in the last minutes of the match had two good moments to get something more than the degree of the tie. In 84 & # 39; Kanduri made an excellent pass to Svinderski, the shot of the Pole was blocked by Rui Silva and in 87 ′ the shot of Zivkovic outside the area, was blocked with a double effort by Rui Silva. In the delays of the match, the referee of the match did not show the white ball in the overthrow of Swab by Martinez marking. The “key”: PAOK did not get anything more than the match with Granada staying at 0-0. Dikefalos was better for most of the match while the Black and Whites are shouting for the phase in the delays with the overthrow of Swab. With tonight’s appearance in a more rational shape, Dikefalos left many promises for the future. . The Brazilian midfielder in collaboration with Swab created an excellent duo in the center field. Abel Ferreira, regardless of whether it will be his last game on the bench of PAOK, showed a team quite read on the field. The presence of Augusto in the center field was the right choice giving another breath to the midfield of the team. Granada – PAOK 0-0 Goals: Yellows: 25 ‘Soares, 45’ Herrera, 64 ‘Giannoulis, 74’ A. Zivkovic, 92 ‘AugustRed : Stadium: Nuevo Los Carmene Referee: Thiago Martins Assistants: Pedro Almeida – Hugo Andre Ribeiro Fourth Referee: Elder Maleiro Granada (Diego Martinez) (59) Rui Silva, Neva, Mena Puerta, Kennedy (73 ‘Montoro), Matsis (90’ Duarte), Suarez (73 ‘Soro). PAOK (Abel Ferreira: Z. Zivkovic, Crespo, Ingason, Varela, Soares (75’ Ouage), Giannoulis, Swabou , A. Zivkovic, Murg (69 ‘El Kantouri), Colak (69’ Sfinderski). Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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