GM Zenit: “We were ready to play with Panathinaikos”

One of the teams that have been “hit” the most by the coronavirus this season is Zenit, which counted 13 cases, while one of them was coach Xavi Pascual. However, now the St. Petersburg club is ready to play again for the Euroleague, starting with Olympiakos on Thursday (05/11, 19:30). Zenit’s last game that was postponed was this one against Panathinaikos, due to the coronavirus case announced by the Green OEM. how they all spent this period without matches. In detail what he said: “As far as possible, according to the current regulations, the players and the coaches came out of the quarantine and gradually entered the training sessions. We were ready to play at home against Parma on October 26 with a limited number of players of course, but the game was postponed. We would be fully prepared for the game with Panathinaikos and with all the players available, but unfortunately. We can not say that the postponement shocked us, we are used to the peculiarities of this season, but it is certainly a pity that the period without games became even longer. The team is training normally, it is fine after the injury of Dmitry Khvostov, only Denis Sakharov is missing because he has not yet been released from quarantine. Pascual is absolutely fine, the last training sessions are under his guidance. For two weeks from the coaching team, we only had Diamantis Panagiotopoulos and the personal improvement coach, Vitas Vitalius, available. Nevertheless, the training was done according to the suggestions and under Pascual’s control, you see the modern technological means of communication provide great possibilities. Of course we were in daily communication with Xavi and the sports director Manos Papadopoulos, since in addition to the process During the training, there were many organizational issues, as well as program-related and other work issues. But we also need simple human communication, since our relationships are excellent and we support each other in everything. Fortunately we did not have really serious cases, but some people in the club had to be hospitalized. This did not affect the core team staff. The players and coaches passed the virus in a mild form or were completely asymptomatic. “Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news.

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