Give PAOK a penalty (1-3)

He gave three. Both were executed, because in the first there was an offside before the goal. Otherwise, PAOK would have three penalties in a match. Finally, where they had… forced things for good for the biceps? In 74 ‘penalty for 1-2 and in the delays another for 1-3 to Πά lock the team of Pablo Garcia the “three points”. A game after the penalty he had taken in Agrinio. In a few words? Give PAOK a penalty, as the title says. In a few words? Give PAOK a penalty, as the title says. In a game in which PAOK opened the scoring with Sfinderski in the 16th minute from a Swab pass, Apollon equalized in the 63rd minute with Tsiloulis and then Papapetrou took over, to make the final 1-3 from the penalty spot. Swab at 75 ′ and Augusto at 95 ′. Giorgos Parashos, led his team in a 3-4-3 formation giving a basic jersey to: Verlhurst, Tsambouris, Brusic, Lisgaras, Dominguez, Baxevanidis, Slivka, Fation, Bentin Tsiloulis, Ioannidis. Pablo Garcia changed formation and from 4-3-3, led PAOK to 4-2-3-1 making changes due to absences, Varela and Giannoulis, in the starting lineup in relation to the players who started in the match against PSV. Under the beams was A. Zivkovic, in the defense from right to left are Rodrigo, Ingason, Crespo and Lirtazis. In the midfield, Augusto and Swab on the axis, Murg, on the wings, Jolis and A. Zivkovic and at the top of the attack, Sfinderski. PAOK could have scored a quick goal with Sfinderski in the 15th minute, but it was quite difficult against the late Apollo. development that the Black and Whites brought out, but also the absence of Giannoulis was one of the issues that Pablo Garcia had to face. The crowd in the midfield was not suffocating, making the game quite fast, with the ball constantly going up and down in both areas. The hosts tilted to the right. Apollon did not give space to PAOK, pressed him high and made attacks from the right side. . Besides, the order of Giorgos Paraschos was clear to put pressure on the side of Lefteris Lyratzis who was quite anxious on his debut. Garcia, seeing that the “little one” was having a hard time, asked Jolis and Crespo to rush for help. He found the net again. In the 15th minute, Dikefalos opened the scoring in a quick counterattack with Murg and Swab, cooperating perfectly in her transfer. ball with the latter knocking out Sfinderski and Verlhurst. The Pole with an exemplary place opened the score for PAOK 0-1. The Thessalonians then did not pick up the pace and went at a slower pace. As a result, they could not press so easily in the area of ​​Apollon. Verlhurst’s interventions After the goal, the next good moments were at the end of the first half. In the 41st minute, Swab in the area caught the shot on the move, but Verlhurst repulsed impressively. In the delays, Ingasson was in a position to shoot with the shot being repulsed again by the goalkeeper of the “Light Brigade”. He had his moments and Apollon. In the 29th minute, Bedinelli committed a foul, Ioannidis took the head undisturbed, but the ball passed next to Zivkovic’s left crossbar. In the 36th minute, Bedinelli made the turn at the height of the small area, with Fation sending the ball out. Internal change for Rodrigo-Lyratzi The two teams may not have made changes at the beginning of the second half, but in PAOK we had a side change between Rodrigo and Lyratzi. The Brazilian went to the left side and the youngster to the right side in an attempt to balance the two sides of PAOK. The Kavaliotis defender had a hard time in the first half as a left back as the hosts played permanently from his side. As in the penalty phase that PAOK won in the 23rd minute and was canceled as an offside at the beginning of the phase, so at the beginning of the second half PAOK found nets with Zivkovic, but the goal did not count as the Serbian striker was for a few centimeters in an irregular position. He equalized with Tsilouli. The guests continued to face many problems in their development, while there were many hasty actions by Swab and Augusto with the result that PAOK does not step well on the field. The Apollonians, on the other hand, stepped on the opponent’s area more easily and in two or three cases reached the large area of ​​Zivkovic, but without being accurate in their final effort. The bells that rang the home team were not noticed by the Black and Whites, with the result that the equalizer was scored on a set ball. In the 63rd minute, after a corner kick by Tsambouris, Tsiloulis was thrown to the first post, overtook Swab and sent the ball into Zivkovic’s net for 1-1! Papapetrou took it over. passed Kantouri in the game in place of Tzolis, thus wanting his team to take control of the match. With three midfielders on the field, PAOK took action and became more threatening in the game. In the 75th minute, Dikefalos won a penalty in a fall of Sfinderski, with Papapetrou giving the penalty with the help of VAR. Swab executed the penalty well, giving the Black and Whites the lead again 1-2! Penalty number two Parashos made two collected changes, making the team more aggressive in a 4-4-2 formation. Garcia’s answer was to pass to the match Michailidis who played in front of the two stoppers in a 5-4-1 formation. The hosts pressed for the goal of the equalizer but did not manage with Dikefalos in the delays of the match to win a second penalty in the hand of Brusic. Douglas Augusto took over the execution by sending the ball into the net for the final 1-3! , Bedinelli (82 ‘Kol), Tsiloulis, Ioannidis. PAOK (Pablo Garcia): Z. Zivkovic, Rodrigo, Ingason, Crespo, Lyratzis, Augusto, Swab, Tzolis (67’ Kantouri), Murgov Z ‘Colak) Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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