Georgiadis: We are establishing a protection mechanism against profiteering

An amendment establishing that the gross profit on a product can not exceed that which a store had before the implementation of the lockdown, announced the Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis. This amendment will be tabled in the draft law on electronic Mr. Georgiadis stressed that “consumers should know that we are constantly monitoring market prices” and with the adoption of this amendment “we will have that tool in order to impose a fine on whoever tries to speculate with price increases on products “The minister sent a message to the business world that” we will not allow anyone to think that he will play with the misfortune of the Greek people. The Greek people are going through a catastrophe, as is all of humanity, and we must respect that. “The provision of the amendment, as the Minister of Development and Investment said, will state that: decision of the Ministry of Health and in any case not beyond 28/2/2021, (we will see there then what will have happened, today I can not discount it) it is forbidden to conclude or receive property benefits regarding the sale of any goods or services that are necessary for the health, nutrition, mobility and safety of the consumer, in particular pharmaceuticals, personal protective and hygienic items as well as antiseptics and other disinfectants, provided that these benefits exceed the value of the provision so that the gross profit margin is greater of the corresponding margin before 1 September 2020 for the above products and services “. That is, as the Minister explained, this what we “say is that we do not put pricing, as it always has the risks of the black market or its shortages” but we do something that was done last March and worked very well in the market, telling traders that “if a product you were selling at 20% gross profit, you can still have that 20% today. If you go and now put your gross profit at 30% or 40%, then we will be able to impose a fine on you. ”Ad. Georgiadis noted that “we want companies to make a profit, we do not want to make a loss from trade, or to import products only for the good of the state. We want them to be able to work, to pay their employees, their obligations, but their profit should not be greater than what they had before, when the market was operating normally “. This amendment, said the Minister of Development and Investment , was deemed necessary as “unfortunately there was a case where a certain supermarket chain when the Prime Minister decided that from Saturday we will have a lockdown, proceeded to large increases in a number of basic food products”. In the remark of the special spokesman of KINAL , Michalis Katrinis, that this amendment should be clear and concern all types of basic food and not only hygiene items, the Minister of Development replied that it covers all products. During the discussion of the draft law in competent parliamentary committee had requested from Mr. Ad. Georgiadis to have the relevant amendment, something that was recognized as a positive and correct proposal by the Minister of Development and Investments. Mr. Georgiadis, at the beginning of the debate in Plenary, referred in detail to all provisions of the bill and all its amendments He was forced to leave due to his participation in the Prime Minister’s trip to the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. Source: APE , in the

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