Georgiadis: The repayable advance will not stop until the economy moves forward again

“We are not going to stop the repayable advance until the economic activity resumes,” clarified the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, speaking at an online event of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce, on the topic: “Professionals and society in the Covid-19 era “As long as businesses remain closed, the state must help them. “When the vaccine is found and the economy starts working again, then the repayable advance will stop,” the minister stressed. The majority of citizens applaud the government choices. Mr. Georgiadis commented on the data of two surveys conducted for the EETH. One was a public opinion poll on the government’s health and financial measures for the pandemic and the other was a comparative data on the measures taken by the Greek government and other EU countries to address the coronavirus crisis. “Our fellow citizens understand that the measures were necessary, they are necessary evil, but necessary. The majority in it was clear. A minority say they should have been taken earlier, but the majority’s answer is clear. As for the impact of the economic measures for the pandemic, the majority is clear that the measures were relatively good, of course the enemy of the good is the best, we would all like something more “said Mr. Georgiadis and added:” Anyway, image of an indifferent government does not come out of these investigations. The opposite. And I’m glad to see that there is great satisfaction in many things, such as the repayable advance payment and the (coverage for) the suspension of employees and all that. “Bank loans only to healthy companies In a relevant intervention of the president of EETH Michalis Zorpidis for Mr. Georgiadis referred to the measures for the freezing of interest rates until the end of the year, but expressed his complete opposition to lending to companies with non-banking criteria. that these loans will be repaid. Otherwise it is the recipe for total national catastrophe. I believe that the previous crisis has taught us something “said Mr. Georgiadis and noted:” For companies that can not be lent in the bank we have made the repayable deposit, in addition the 4th and 5th, will be 50% non-repayable, we have measures, through the regions, from the NSRF, for the subsidy, we have paid interest on the business loans of the first phase of the pandemic, we have a series of measures to compensate the rents and to support the employees, but we will not intervene to give loans without bank Criteria. That would be an extreme act of irresponsibility. “” The measures worked, as evidenced by the tables released by Eurostat. Greece was the country with the lowest job loss in the entire EU. and in 27 countries since the first lock down. “So the measures we took worked.” I note that in the beginning, Greece was considered to be the country that would have the most job losses, due to the high dependence on tourism. So, not only did they work, they worked in a country that everyone thought would suffer the most. We are working with the same determination, method and diligence now »Standing up to the vaccine news create for the first time a very big “hope” out of the coronavirus crisis and added: “We must stay open and upright with our businesses, until the exit from the nightmare, until the vaccine, There are two, three in front of us, “I believe that the vaccine will come, the economy will still be upright and 2021 will be a much better year,” said Mr. Georgiadis. “Industrial products will be banned in supermarkets. Minister He also said that a provision is being promoted to ban some industrial products from supermarkets, so as not to create conditions for unfair competition. He added that the measure of -40% discount on rent (part of the rent is also covered by the government) for commercial property is a balanced measure, so as not to create disincentives, or to have unpaid losses for On the absorption of funds of the NSRF for the pandemic crisis, Mr. Georgiadis pointed out that Greece ranked second in the official tables, in terms of speed (absorption) and the size of its economy for covid-19 among EU countries “There is a small amount of NSRF money from previous years, I have made a request to move the amount,” the minister said, explaining that it was being considered by EU services. He added: “It is generally difficult for the NSRF rules as they apply so far, I believe we have invoked strong arguments, the specificity of the pandemic era. If this decision comes, it will give us about another billion. “For the” Save “program, Mr. Georgiadis said that” there is no issue of postponement. “Answering a relevant question, he said that the government has taken measures to reward consistent entrepreneurs, who endured the crisis and did not make redundancies, such as the fact that the “green” loans are also subject to the payment of interest on business loans and the repayable advance one and two had relevant provisions and other arrangements. measures to reward the consistent, I am proud to say that we are the first government in Greece to put the consistent first and then the inconsistent first. We do this for reasons of cultivating tax and insurance and business conscience “The president of EETH Michalis Zorpidis called on the government to freeze the payment of obligations to the state, bank loans, installments of insurance contributions to protect professional leases, to” push banks to be faster “, as well as to take as much care as possible for employees and to cover the insurance contributions of entrepreneurs. At this event was presented a detailed sample survey of the company” To The Point “, which was conducted by its members Entrepreneurs’ opinion on all government support measures, as well as the opinion of professionals on everything that constitutes the “Lockdown and Covid Age 19”. The initial poll was supplemented with additional questions about Lockdown, updating the opinion poll on the quarantine and its effects. Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕΑκολουθήσ Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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