Georgiadis for lockdown: Ten times the damage if the market does not open at Christmas

“Today the quarantine begins and the observance of the measures will determine whether the market will open at Christmas, which is the goal of the Government after these three weeks have passed, while the” blow “to the economy will depend on the observance of the measures. “in Greece,” said Adonis Georgiadis. “In Greece there is an exponential increase in cases, but the situation has not escaped, that’s why we did the lockdown,” said Mr. Georgiadis, saying that the measure aims not to worsen the situation in the country. Commenting on the gathering of negatives and the episodes in Thessaloniki, the Minister. Development said that “out of the hundreds that gathered in Thessaloniki, some will get stuck and some will get stuck with their relatives and these will be the most cases in the coming days in Thessaloniki”. Adequacy in antiseptics and masks is ensured. Mr. Georgiadis, after emphasizing the value of upgrading Greece’s credit rating by the rating agency Moody’s, said that the adequacy of antiseptics and masks in Greece is guaranteed, while now our country also exports, “thanks to the moves made and from the Government in the first phase of the pandemic “” Public finances are secured, we have entered many markets and we have reduced the cost of borrowing, having secured financing, “said the Minister. Development, acknowledging that “there will be a big problem in the Greek economy and difficulties from the lockdown that will cause many financial problems to companies, but we believe that the measures we are taking, as for the first time, will substantially support businesses and employees.” The damage will be tenfold if the market does not open during the holidays “If the pandemic is controlled and the market opens during the holidays the damage will be X, if they are not observed and the market is not opened during the holidays the damage will be tenfold. That should be our goal “, he noted characteristically, saying that there is a constant effort and contacts with market players. He characteristically noted “I did not become an MP and a minister to do a lockdown, but this is a global disaster.” “There are no magic solutions in public transport. Buses were added, timetables were changed and teleworking was strengthened, many measures were taken, but some congestion remains. But the spread of the corona virus, for example in Ioannina, has nothing to do with the crowds on the buses of Athens. “There is a crowd in the means of transport all over the world”, said Ad. Georgiadis. Responding to market demands, such as the non-sale of basic necessities by the stores that have remained open, as a practice of unfair competition with respect to the stores that have been closed by state order, Mr. Georgiadis said that thousands of product codes. It would take more than 3 weeks to detect and define any prohibition. But there are other issues, such as in-store quarrels between customers and employees who would refuse to sell certain items. “In the end, we have to look at the consumer as well,” he said, adding that he was open to dialogue with market participants to put forward proposals and consider banning the sale of some products, although such a practice is very difficult to Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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