Georgiadis: Compensation to all companies closed by state order

“It is an act that is impossible to go unpunished,” said the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, regarding the attack on the rector of the Athens University of Economics, commenting on current affairs. and the Ministry of Development will give the money quickly to compensate the people. It will be very difficult for many companies to recover. “In addition, in support of companies whose operation will be suspended by state order, he stressed that” all companies that will be closed by state order, in the context of dealing with the outbreak of pandemic, of course, and will be compensated by the state through a series of measures to keep them upright, as As we did last spring. “In more detail, the minister, speaking to SKAI, said: On the evolution of the pandemic in Greece” We are at an extremely critical point. The next 15-20 days will decide whether Greece will follow the path of Northern European countries. If we all follow the measures showing the discipline we showed last April, we will avoid the general lockdown. That is the goal of the government. Because a general lockdown will cause such damage to our economy that then it will be very difficult for many companies to recover and the problems in the economy will remain for many years. If we do not abide by the measures and show disorder by being carried away by the real fatigue that we have all felt after so many months, then we risk being in the position that Northern Europe is now. I address a public appeal to everyone to turn their backs. “On the tragedy and the catastrophe in Samos” On the tragedy and the catastrophe in Samos, Mr. Georgiadis said: “As long as I think about the tragedy, I get depressed. We will not leave Samos alone, we will not leave it defenseless. The Government will deal with the catastrophe with method, determination and efficiency. The damage will be recorded, the people will be compensated, the Ministry of Development will give the money quickly. Whatever humanly can be done, will be done. However, everything we will do cannot alleviate the pain of these parents. “” I condemn the bullying, fascism… “Regarding the attack on the rector of the Athens University of Economics and Business, the minister pointed out the following: who put the sign around his neck to humiliate him and humiliate in his face the Hellenic Republic, our academic institutions, the legal order. It is an act that is impossible to go unpunished. It is a matter of honor for the Hellenic Republic to arrest and punish them by example. If students of the University of Economics are involved in this disgrace, they should lose their student status in any Greek university forever. You can not be a student and have participated in this crime. Only the Nazis did such things to the Jews. These fascists did it now. Because fascism is not only black, it is also red. In Greece, because we have for many years the ideological hegemony of the left, we have come to forget the red fascism. “Regarding the reduction of rents” Answering a question about the reduction of rents, he said: rents to give the opportunity to find them among the landlord-tenants in the new economic conditions. If this good faith does not thrive, we will not let business go to waste. I appeal to the owners: a property can not have less rent in a year of recession 8-9%. This is what the law of market and demand says. So, please, let everyone show due understanding in a difficult year. The state can not cover the total loss of anyone. I repeat: the state is willing to contribute to the good faith of all parties. If this does not work, the state has the power to legislate. And the wise man I mean. ”Source: ΑΠΕ – ΜΠΕ Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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