Georgiadis: Click away is instituted in view of Christmas

The plan to open the companies was revealed by Adonis Georgiadis. “We will open the economy with great care,” said the Minister of Development & Investment, in an interview with SKAI. “We in the ministry have made scenarios for any development of the virus and we are waiting for the infectious disease committee to give us the start signal. “We are not going to start the economy if the doctors do not tell us,” said Mr. Georgiadis, noting that the sectors of the economy that have been shown to be outbreaks of the virus will not open, or will open much later. left open the possibility of opening up certain sectors of the economy, such as seasonal items, such as toys, which have been particularly hard hit. However, he stressed that the market will operate under strict conditions, such as masks, distances, a limited number of people in the store. Mr. Georgiadis estimated that if all goes well, the vaccine will arrive in our country in mid-December, which is very important for the opening of the economy. Shopping with click away At the same time, he stressed that the market will operate under strict conditions, such as masks, distances, limited number of people in the store, while he made special reference to the click away system. As he explained, the order will be placed by the consumer in the store, the order will be prepared, the citizen will make an appointment with the shopkeeper and will go to pick it up from the store, minimizing human contact while greatly reducing congestion inside Critical week for the opening of the market On his part, the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Nikos Papathanasis in his interview with APE-MPE emphasizes: “We are evaluating the situation day by day and soon, probably in the next few days, are expected to be taken decisions concerning the opening of the market and the ways in which this will be done “and adds:” we have full knowledge of what is happening in the market and in fact at all its levels “. He underlines that the primary concern of the Government is the protection of public health. At the same time, however, is the support of businesses and workers “as the economic impact of the pandemic is not limited to the period during which the lockdown is in force”, while at the same time, “the government continues its reform work based on speed”. , notes Mr. Papathanasis, despite the unfavorable international environment until the second phase of the pandemic, which is obviously harder and more painful than the first, was in a phase of recovery compared to the second quarter. “We are working intensively and creating the mechanisms so that the required money can be absorbed very quickly,” said the deputy minister, reminding that, in addition to the 32 billion euros of the Recovery Fund, the country will manage an additional 40 billion euros of the NSRF ’21 – ’22 and other funds. In the context of the reforms for the greatest possible utilization of the development law by the companies, Mr. Papathanasis reveals in his interview, the axes of the planned changes. He underlines that to achieve significant blows “to the monster of the bureaucracy”, in the field of investments, is one of the most important bets for the government, but also for him personally and announces that the changes that are being promoted are related to the acceleration of the procedures, to the avoidance of numerous requests at the same time and, in general, to more efficiently manage the processing time of all, without exception. and as he notes: “we plan actions to support small and medium enterprises in industry, actions to develop skills of human resources and actions of cooperative formations. “Development law enforcement schemes will play a key role in this, which is why we are already reforming many time-consuming procedures.” “It is too early to talk about easing measures,” say infectious disease experts. “It is too early to talk about any easing of restrictive measures.” Charalambos Gogos, professor of infectious disease pathology and member of the committee of infectious diseases, spoke yesterday on SKAI TV. In the shadow of the negative record of 108 dead and 522 intubated, the professor said that effective and equal treatment of patients who are not only in ICU but also in simple COVID beds. He explained that there is a flattening of the case curve but its reflection in the reduction of the number of patients follows after about a week, as it takes seven days to appear the severe symptoms of the disease. “It definitely takes 15 days to “We see the decrease in the week and another week to see the effect on the health system and to have a good hospitalization”, noted Mr. Gogos. With these data, he stressed that next week is crucial and that if there is a drop in the curve in 1,000 to 2,000 cases this “we can start thinking about relaxing the first steps such as schools – elementary schools and kindergartens, high schools and after retail. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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