Gavalas: “Olympiacos becomes stronger when they target him”

The Communication Director of PAE Olympiakos, Nikos Gavalas, stood in the presence of Olympiakos against Porto despite the defeat of Pedro Martins’ team, while he also sent a message against those who tried to discredit the “red and whites”, taking occasion from the result with the “Dragons”. In detail: “What Pedro Martins repeats at every opportunity from the day of the draw is valid. Behind Manchester City, Olympiacos, Porto and Marseille have the same chances to claim 2nd place. The data did not change after the completion of the 2nd match. Nor the way in which Olympiakos plays in the top inter-club organization in Europe. He tries to play football, to play an occupation game, to look for the positive result with a lot of work. In no case does he try to “steal” a result. It is the mentality that suits the teams that aspire to have a place in the elite of European football. With her, the whole organization of Olympiakos marches, proudly filling the millions of his fans. Even on a night where the result was not as expected, the whole of Pedro Martins remained faithful to his game philosophy. Apart from the image in “Dragao”, the numbers prove it: occupation 53% against 47% of Porto. In fact, there were intervals in the match where the occupancy rates of Olympiacos were even higher, with the Portuguese being forced into a massive defense. This approach to the games at the highest level is not a given for a Greek team. Everything that our team succeeds in the European competitions, proves that it has gone beyond the standards of Greek football. Because there is a risk that everything great that Olympiacos achieves will be taken for granted, their reminder seems imperative. Especially at the moment when a defeat opens the bag of targeting. We, in the family of Olympiakos, become stronger in such moments. Fertile criticism is part of our daily lives. However, the devaluation of an effort, even with descriptions that refer to extreme elements that aim at the deregulation of society, cause anger. But in no case do they disorient us. We will continue the work united with the certainty that at the end of this season, the friends of Olympiacos will be proud! Olympiacos FC »What Pedro Martins repeats at every opportunity of the day is valid of the draw. Behind Manchester City,… Posted by Nikos Gavalas on Wednesday, October 28, 2020Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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