“Garbage” Technologybud

It was installed in my living room eight months ago. Between two armchairs. Somehow, as if he did not want to bother me. At first, when I passed by, I pretended not to see her. Gradually, however, I got used to her fleeting presence in the space, that she has been in the wrong place for months, and so, even when I saw her, it was as if I did not see her. As if integrated into the environment. In the meantime, summer came, the carpets got up, I left, I came back, autumn came, the carpets were laid again, she was there. The discretion of the first period began to mutate into audacity. And the day before yesterday I could not stand it. I approached her resolutely and snatched her by the “hand”. It’s time to count. This is my daily winter bag. Of what we women carry, with everything we think we will need – but never need – when we spend many hours away from home. In which we throw receipts, papers, bills, coins, chewing gum papers and jellies from cigarette packs. This one also had a lot of pockets, it “lifted” and weight, very practical – and everything I need to cause another tendonitis. Last year I kept it until the beginning of March. When the first lockdown started, I took out my wallet, glasses, cosmetics, but I did not empty my bag. I do not remember if I then thought that I would soon hold her again. I did not hold her again. In our rudimentary movements in the middle of quarantine we do not need such a big bag. When we went out again, I had downloaded the corresponding summer. The day before yesterday, however, I “dived” into its forgotten content as if I were diving into a carefree “before”, now that we have to manage a dystopian “after”. The list of a bistro on Kolokotroni Street – before the coronavirus was prominent, we did the interviews on the Saturday “NEA” lunch and wrote down the prices of what we ordered. Here is a friend’s book. On the first page, dedication dated 5/3/19. (The donkey, I did not thank him). And a crumpled theater ticket. “Macbeth” in the National. (We used to go to the theater). A proof of purchase from February 24. Oh yes. The gift I got for a girlfriend. (Her party was postponed and I kept it). A tortured invitation for a gastronomic awards on March 16. (Were they made online?). Its purple color at one point had faded. A bottle of antiseptic that had stuck to her would probably have dripped. (When did we start taking precautions?). Here is a lipstick. And a note paper for an event I was going to attend and it was postponed. Business cards from meetings for collaborations that were canceled. When the bag emptied, a small pile of “garbage” had formed in front of me. (I had put aside the book I will start reading today and the lipstick – unnecessary yes). “Garbage” or the obvious of a life as we knew it? So, instead, we should do our best and be careful to safely find our “garbage” again. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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