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Personally, I do not like bans. I prefer logic. And logic says that in conditions of a pandemic, the Polytechnic will not suffer if we celebrate it healthy six months later or if we celebrate it twice a year. Absolutely nothing. I hear everything else. What does “we do not accept prohibitions” that their representative SYRIZA says say? Obviously they accept. Lockdown and night traffic restrictions are prohibitions. The lads accept them very well and they do very well. And what does Koutsoubas mean when he says that the Polytechnic is a “competitive claim”? Let it be a litany of Lenin’s chariot. What has this got to do with the coronavirus? In conditions of “competitive claim” is not transmitted? Didn’t the KKE see how it pressed it (and we pressed it…) with the squatting in schools? I exclude Varoufakis who will demonstrate with eight other fighters and shout in advance “I challenge you to hit us, to arrest us”. not to be arrested. Let nine nerds walk alone in Athens! Varoufakis has a problem after all. He first had a fight with a police officer at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris because he asked for his passport. He accused the French policeman of “shaming his country”! Of course, the French policemen bullied him – Varoufakis. Then he had a fight with a Coast Guard in the first lockdown because he wanted to go or leave Aegina. An appellate court that did not recognize him and asked for the resignation of all EL.AS officers. In general, he does everything he can to give him importance. So let him parade with his friends, but without cameras. It will not parade. Because where logic stops you can not chat. Not even to ban. In a country with 3,000 cases per day and 10% recession, ADEDY declared a strike demanding: “mass recruitment” in the State, “salary increases” in the State, “permanent” in the State, “reinstatement 13th and 14th salary “in the State,” abstention from any electronic voting throughout the State “(13/11). I wonder. Since he asks for all this, why does he not ask for the banning of the coronavirus? I do not know if it will be accepted (the others will not be ούτε either), but at least it serves a logic. increases, fine. With what money? No need. ADEDY will claim to find oil in Omonia. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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