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As the situation of the complete impasse in the Eastern Mediterranean has been shaped by the extreme aggression of Turkey, the question is whether there can be something, some initiative-movement, that acts as a game-changer, that is, to change the whole game, but without to harm the interests of the country and without being open to misinterpretations on the other hand. In such deadlocks only a “shock move” can break the vicious circle of escalation, a move that will put the other side in a really difficult position and whose reaction could not be a “no” in response. Negotiation experience teaches exactly that. When things come to a complete standstill, the decisive move-initiative is required that will change the parameters, the rules of the game and unblock the negotiation. And the initiatives should be in the hands of the Greeks. In the current case, what could be the game-changer move-initiative to break the vicious circle? Turkey justifies its aggression with the argument (presumably perhaps but nevertheless real) that Greece denies dialogue on the whole agenda of Greek-Turkish disputes. It limits its object to the delimitation of a continental shelf and an EEZ. Not even the delimitation of territorial waters (as a right to exercise sovereignty, even if it can not practically exercise it, although with Albania we go to The Hague for all maritime zones). But Greece could completely neutralize this argument ( to call Turey’s bluff) accepted – at the right time – as a “matte movement” exploratory dialogue on all subjects, on all subjects. I stress about dialogue and not formal negotiation which is a completely different process. And then let’s see what Ankara will do. Of course, “dialogue on all matters” is a curse for some. But here the guide should be the thought of K. Karamanlis (the elder) who characterized as “paradoxical” the position that we do not discuss all issues with the Turks. “You can not ignore the problem,” he said. Specifically, in a debate in Parliament on March 16, 1978, on the subject of “What we are discussing with Turkey”, he stressed: “Gentlemen, the dispute, any dispute, can create any disagreement with you, disputants of your law and wishes. to wrong you. From this moment a problem arises, which you can not ignore. You have to deal with it. Another issue is how you will deal with it. But you can not ignore the existence of the problem “(K. Karamanlis, Archive, vol. 10, p. 145). Such a move will be able to change the” data “and eventually lead to exploratory dialogue. If not, it is again crushing Turkey, completely nullifying its argument. And Greece has nothing to fear. It has the means and human resources to protect its interests. Such a move would most likely be interpreted as Athens retreating under Ankara pressure. But I remember the greatest of the Greek diplomats, the late V. Theodoropoulos, who told me “we are afraid of the accusation of submissiveness and we use it as an alibi so that we do not do the right thing”. (Finally, let’s go to the dialogue throughout matter on our own initiative before we are led to it.) P.K. Ioakeimidis is an emeritus professor at the University of Athens, former ambassador – advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and member of the advisory committee of ELIAME Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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