G. Vroutsis: Pillar of Labor Law at 8 o’clock and 40 o’clock

The assurance that the eight-hour and 40-hour working hours remain pillars of Labor Law in Greece and that overtime will continue to be paid, gave tonight, speaking about the new labor bill, the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Giannis Vroutsis, from the 2nd step National Conference of Insurance Mediators. Referring to the arrangement of working time, he said that “it is something that has been happening for 30 years in the country, with the existing labor legislation”. ILO (International Labor Organization) guidelines and guidelines. He described the voices of protest as untimely, noting that no one has yet seen what the bill includes. On Monday, the “small insurance” bill added that with the “small insurance” bill introduced on Monday in Parliament, the government is implementing to reduce insurance contributions by 3%. “If we take into account the 0.90%, which was in force since the summer of 2020, we will have a cumulative reduction of 3.9%. From 46.4% (which were the contributions) in 2012, we reached 36.6%, which will benefit the economy and businesses as a whole and will make recruitment more attractive “, he underlined. Commenting on the insurance reform, he pointed out that the law 4670 of 2020 formed, on the basis of a complete actuarial study, a new environment and transformed the insurance “into a compensatory system, which rewards the consistent insured, instead of a system that moved in the logic of less effort” and gave no incentive. Mr. Vroutsis placed special emphasis on the exemption of insurance contributions from income, pointing out: “for the first time there are free insurance categories, which are neither classes defined by years of professional career, nor related to income, so everyone can only choose the insurance category they want. In addition, we gave incentives to young people, for a period of up to five years, to have a very low premium “. Mr. Vroutsis pointed out, finally, that after the pandemic subsides” and when we balance financially “the permanent request of the insurance company industry for the taxation of insurance companies.M. Xenogiannakopoulou: Measures for the second lockdown in the wrong direction The assessment that the measures announced by the government last week, to support employees and companies in the middle of the second lockdown, “are not just insufficient, but continue to move in the wrong direction” and “it is far behind the counterparts of the first phase of the pandemic” said the head of the Department of Labor & Social Affairs SYRIZA, Mariliza Xenogiannakoulou. to come to Parliament and enter into a public consultation in the midst of a lockdown such a bill, “which literally affects the world of work, trade union freedoms and a number of acquis, much more now that workers are suspended or working telework and there is no possibility of social gathering and dialogue “. Vertical objection He stressed that he wants to hope that the government will have the democratic sensitivity not to introduce such a bill in Parliament, in the middle of a lockdown, emphasizing that, in addition to the process, SYRIZA has a vertical objection to the substance of a number of issues in the bill, and have already been implemented even as extraordinary measures, such as unpaid overtime, the regulation of working hours and the impact on trade union freedoms. EET._Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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