From the “Hamilton line” ρω to the Euromilitary

When in 1790 Alexander Hamilton – one of the fathers of the American nation – proposed the federalization of military debt, accumulated for the needs of the struggle for independence, from the first 13 US states and the creation of a federal National Bank that would he could not have imagined that two centuries later that choice would be a solution for Europe as well. Moreover, he could not have imagined that the idea of ​​the “Hamilton line” would be activated in the Old Continent on the occasion of a pandemic, like that of the corona virus that threatens to dismantle the European economy. The first step towards a potential repayment of European debt was secured by the adoption last summer of the Recovery Fund to deal with the effects of the pandemic. For the first time in its history, the European Union borrowed on behalf of the Member States and agreed, as Hamilton then taxed whiskey, to impose pan-European proportional taxes on plastics, coal, goods or high-tech services and financial transactions. Although the decision to set up the Recovery Fund explicitly states that common European borrowing is only for the effects of the pandemic, everyone believes that the issue of European debt reciprocity, as well as the idea of ​​a single European budgetary authority have now been formalized and form an existing basis for the next discussions on deepening European integration. And because real life is constantly evolving, it is good for Greek politics to begin to envision larger groups and to defend more attractive European ideas, rather than engaging in barren internal counterproductive struggles. And we mean the next field of European integration, directly linked with that of fiscal consolidation and debt consolidation. Which is nothing more than that of the common European defense and security. The many and interrelated events of recent months and days reveal the European security gap and the European defense deficit. The beheadings in France, the attempted looting of European natural resources by Erdogan and his coordination with the extremist Islamists, fully highlight the need for a unified security and defense system from Europe. After the recent US-led ambush The issue of NATO funding and its demand that Europeans bear the costs of their own defense and security inevitably comes to the fore. In fact, if Trump is re-elected, there is no doubt that the pressure will become unbearable. But also with Biden in the White House, the issue will come and go. Greece has many reasons to seek both the full confirmation of the “Hamilton line” in Europe and the creation of a single European security and defense scheme. Let us not be deluded, the financial dangers are ahead, the pandemic will leave behind mountains of debt and the Turkish threat will intensify and expand. The Greek political leadership, regardless of color and party, must take initiatives to both reciprocate debts. as well as for the formation of Euromilitary. We only benefit from the deepening of European integration and integration. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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