France’s economic war with Islamic countries – How does Paris respond to the boycott?

An economic war has broken out between France and several Islamic countries, following Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call for a boycott of French products over the widespread display of cartoons by Mohammed and his personal feud with Emmanuel Macron against Emanuel Macron. of France are the statements of Emanuel Macron that France will not back down either in terms of sketches (of Mohammed) or in terms of freedom of expression. These statements were made by President Macron during the ceremony in memory of Samuel Patti , the teacher who was beheaded for presenting sketches of Muhammad in his classroom. Qatar and Kuwait have already made the start, while Jordan’s main opposition party called on the country’s citizens to do the same. Anger rose over the weekend in Jordan, where many social media videos showed empty supermarket shelves, accompanied by hashtags like #France Boycott or “#Our Prophet is a red line”. Agricultural, dairy, luxury perfumes, cosmetics and more have been posted on social media for the boycott, with the hashtag written in Arabic. The French Foreign Ministry has already called on the governments of the countries involved to end the boycott. European leaders have condemned the Turkish president’s insulting remarks about his French counterpart. Paris is not planning a reciprocal boycott of Turkish products. Paris is not planning a reciprocal boycott of Turkish products and will continue its talks with Turkey. “There is no retaliation on the agenda,” Rister told RTL radio today. However, he reiterated the government’s condemnation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent comments about French President Emmanuel Macron’s treatment of Muslims in France. He compared the treatment of Muslims in Europe with that of Jews before World War II. Erdogan said on Saturday that Macron had a problem with Muslims and questioned the “mental health” of the French president. He made similar comments yesterday, Sunday, and during his speech in Ankara today, as reported by Reuters. In the same speech, Erdogan compared the treatment of Muslims in Europe with the treatment of Jews before World War II. War and accused some European leaders of “fascism” and “Nazism”. “A lynching campaign, similar to the one carried out against the Jews of Europe before the Second World War, is being carried out against the Muslims,” ​​Erdogan said in his speech. Investors, however, see this as a sign of growing tensions and . The pound sank to a new low and the Istanbul Stock Exchange fell after the above statements. Anger from the French unions: “There is no way we can give in to blackmail” “There is no way we can go back to blackmail”, said today the head of the largest employers’ union Medef responds to calls for a boycott of French products in the Middle East in response to the attitude of the President of the French Republic Emanuel Macron towards the attack against the authorities of the Republic operating in Islamic circles in France. Zofrou Rou Rouge de Bezier Today, Culture Minister Roslin Bassello explained that France is not fighting “French Muslims” but “Islamism and terrorism”. The French Foreign Ministry said in a statement yesterday. that “the calls for a boycott have no purpose and should be stopped “Immediately, as well as all the attacks directed against our country, manipulated by an extreme minority.” A little while later, Emanuel Macron wrote on Twitter: “Freedom, we love it; we live intensively. Nothing will make us give up, ever. ”La liberté, nous la chérissons? the equity, our guarantee; the fraternity, we live with intensity. Rien ne nous fera reculer, jamais.— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) October 25, 2020 “We do not respond with stupidity to stupidity…” There were also many political reactions, starting with Tayyip Erdogan calling Emanuel Macron “to take an exam” ». He was followed by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who accused the French president of “attacking Islam”, while the Moroccan Foreign Ministry condemned “the continuation of the publication of insults about Islam and the prophet of sketches”. luxury and cosmetics are likely to be particularly hard hit by the boycott in the Maghreb, the Near and Middle East. Asked about the possibility of a reciprocal boycott, Zofrua Roux de Bezier replied: “We do not respond with stupidity to stupidity. is currently limited locally. According to the French government, the first consequences of the boycott have not yet been assessed. Intense criticism from the German press The new and sharp confrontation between Turkish President Erdogan and his French counterpart Macron is widely commented on in the German-language press, Welle. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) commented: “Erdogan stereotypically invokes the role of the victim and accuses Europe of racism against Muslims. Not a word about the crimes committed in the name of Islam by self-appointed ‘warriors of God’ in the West but even more so in Muslim countries. These are not just highly religious people, who may have difficulty adapting to the secular state, but murderers, often with criminal backgrounds, whom they try to cover up in a religious guise. One can counteract the calls for a boycott, but not the religion they conceal. Macron is right when he calls on us to face the enemies of open society. Of course, the authoritarian Erdogan sees the realization of freedom as a cultural battle against Islam. “” Boycott and vulgarity “is the subject of an analysis by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in another column, which highlights Erdo τουan role of regional power, has led to confrontations with France on many levels. A leading figure in political Islam, the Turkish president promotes himself, among others, as the leader and protector of Sunni Muslims. He is not interested in the applause in Kayseri (where he delivered his last speech against Macron). It has secured this anyway, as the locals are famous not only for their business demon, but also for their conservative piety. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in

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