Fortunately, misery: A book that fits the glove of its time

Romanos Kapelis decided to let his words flow instead of him. Born in 1996, the debutant writer had the good fortune to bear the stamp of the legendary editions of the experienced George Chronas, “Panos Street”. That is almost enough. for the promise of an enjoyable book, a book of the ones we talk about on social media and to our friends. Mostly, from what we love to read breathlessly, ideally a winter night and a little melancholy like the ones we live in our strange times. All times, especially the strange ones, deserve their own works, the texts that will be their ode and revelation. Young people always capture ideas in a way that is perhaps harsh, yet revealing of the emotions evoked by modern reality. Romanos Kapelis, with his eloquent pen and unruly imagination, authorizes a controversial hero, Anton, to talk about his life, through continuous fulfillment of dreams for well-being and success. How small, after all, is the distance between misery and happiness; What do the unwritten norms of the times dictate? Like any self-respecting literary work, this one does not aspire to teach or give hasty answers. Instead, he asks interesting questions and puts the reader on demanding reasoning trajectories, but without tiring him or making him hurt. “I pity you, I bully you outside”, Romanos Kapelis tells us in his mocking CV and catches the hero of his hand to lead him all risk and madness in paths of action and thought that realistically confirm the prescribed course of people. And if we assume that we know the answer, does this matter in the end? speech production market right now. Available in central bookstores of Athens and Thessaloniki as well as online, while the artistic curation of the publication is signed by George Taliakis. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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