Fortounis… opened his eyes and closed his mouth!

I do not take an oath that Fortunis will be a key player in the game against Slovenia. The coach shows an intolerance to the suggestions but also to the receipts. Especially when the latter come from his own players. Van Sip wants players whose heads do not go higher than his own. He demands that everyone bow down to his non-existent greatness and that anyone who challenges him should go where he came from. And if it were not for Fortounis, the door of the National would be closed as it remains closed for the other internationals who removed them. Of course, the responsibility is not only his. Fortounis is not such a case. So he wanders between a bench and a few minutes of participation. And I have reason to believe that if Petros Mandalos was available from the bench, the international midfielder would watch the game with Moldova again. What the whole football world knows, Van Sip was forced to find out on Sunday night. That Fortounis is the player who can take the National by the hand and lead it to victories with such opponents. Even if the Dutchman exiles him because he wants to put Bacaceta in the role of organizer. Here is a note: There is no question about the usefulness of Bacaceta nor his will to help the National team with all his might. Fortounis not to play in his natural position is a big problem. Costas scored the goal because he saw the face in the goal. From there he can guide the game. When he left the match, the difference was obvious. Van Schip must leave behind obsessions and selfishness. Even the suggestions of those who think that the national is a showcase to exhibit their products for sale. Slovenia is a much better team than Moldova. Mistakes and experimentation are not allowed. Fortounis in his place, Tsimikas in his. The Federal coach must arrange his team on the field to allow it to function serologically based on common football logic. Since he can’t really help her, let’s not make her life difficult…. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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