Fortounis: “Killer is El Arabi, I want to play in the National”

Costas Fortounis said that he was happy to play and help Olympiakos reach the victory against Atromitos. with the best words for Pedro Martins. Fortounis was also asked about the National team and the fact that in the last two games he played as a substitute, with the Olympiacos midfielder answering: “I always want to play. I continue with work and I try for the best. “His statements in detail:” I believe that from the beginning of the match we tried to play good football. Our opponent was waiting far behind. It was the coach’s instruction to open the score as early as possible, although we did not succeed. I think we deserved the victory. “For El Arabi:” He is a very good center forward. He is a killer. He helps us with his goals and I hope he continues like this. “For the trust of Pedro Martins:” We have a good cooperation with the coach. I am very well. I work constantly in training to be better. I show what I can do on the pitch. “For the next match against Marseille:” It is a completely different game. We know that we are very interested in the Champions League. We have shown that we can do it. Opportunity to show from the beginning that Olympiacos has a very good team “. For the National team:” I have nothing to say. Today we played with Olympiakos. When the National is to come, we will talk about it. I always want to play. I can not say that I feel wronged. I continue with work and I try for the best “. About whether he thinks it will be his year:” I believe it and that is why I said it. I want to take initiatives and help my team. I think I can do it and I want to continue like this. “On whether he prefers goals or assists:” Both are equally important for my position. The goal is a pleasure for yourself. “Assists help a teammate.”

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