Fortounis “cleared” for Olympiakos in the derby (1-0)

A clear dividing line. The one that separated winners and losers in the first classic derby of the year. The line drawn by Costas Fortounis (21΄) leading Olympiakos to a really great victory over Panathinaikos (1-0). Great because words are useless when the two of them are playing. Great because the Red and Whites did not stop counting absent in route to the derby. But also great because Panathinaikos in the second half brought the ups and downs in the game claiming a result until the last minute. Yes, finally a classic duel in Faliro. With both teams having one half (for many different reasons) but only one having τού Fortune. The one who saw, weighed and executed with the left, punishing, for example, the time when the Greens drank sea in the grass. In the only great opportunity of the night for Olympiakos. The one that resulted from a magic ball of Embila. That “came to life” from the shooting of Rafinias in the area. Which was left for negotiation after the great operation of Dioudis on Masouras in the first year. A moment, a victory, a big three-pointer for Pedro Martins’ team that remained at the top of the standings (19b.) And that certainly seemed to endure the first night without half of the roster. Valbouena, Hassan, El Arabi, Cholebas Bruma was not there. And everyone probably understood that in the second half. When on the one hand the fatigue and on the other the great desire of Panathinaikos completely changed the image of the game. Olympiakos had 64% -36% possession of the ball in the first half. Panathinaikos had 63% -37% from sixty until the final whistle. The Greens who throughout the first half had a head of Kourbelis (33΄). And that in the second they lost a whole frame of great opportunities (Mauricio 56΄-85, Hatzigiovannis 59΄, Makenda 77΄). Why did the match “turn around” with the two teams having completely different starting points in the two halves? Firstly, because Olympiakos took advantage of the gift of Laszlo Boloni to start his team with a relaxed 4-4-2, having Kourbelis and Mauricio between Embila, Bouhalakis and Kamaras. . In fact, they “hit” the width of the field with Rafinias going up many times as a left back. The movement of the green defense towards the wing opened even more spaces on the axis and Olympiakos felt without an opponent on the field. In fact, if he did not lack “something” in his final passes, he could very easily have increased the 1-0 (first goal of the year in the league in the first half) even more. However, the Romanian coach realized his mistake. And he sent a completely different Panathinaikos to the field in the second half. With Kourbelis stopper instead of Senkefeld (for a better reaction to the pressure they were receiving). With Alexandropoulos standing next to Mauricio. And with Savier (who left with tears in 89 ΄ after an injury that gave the impression that it is something very serious) to replace the invisible Juankar and successfully play a double role. He started as a left midfielder but in essence acted as a third “central” helping Panathinaikos to take action on the field. To climb higher. Let him press Olympiakos now. And of course to take possession. Third condition of “overturning” the image? The fatigue of the Red and Whites that from one point and then stood out. Cisse, Dreger, Kamara returned Thursday-Friday from Africa. Fortounis, Bouhalakis who returned from our national team, etc. Martins wanted to change something and in fact he had nothing different to bring from his bench. The Portuguese played with the… clock. And with the endurance of the suspension line that finally did the job. Olympiacos: Sa, Dreger, Semedo, Cisse, Rafinia, Embila, Bouhalakis, Kamara (77 ‘Pepe), Rantzelovic (66’ Sundani), Masouras (88 ‘Lovera) , Fortounis (88 ‘Androutsos) Panathinaikos: Dioudis, Sanchez, Senkefeld (46’ Alexandropoulos), Pougouras, Zagaritis, Kourbelis, Mauricio, Hatzigiovanis (64 ‘Vigiafanies) Juankar (46’ Maurci Saver, K and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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