Focus: Papathanasis announced a new business support program

The focus has been on a new test in recent months as stricter measures have been put in place in areas of increased risk and increased surveillance. Industry professionals have been in despair since the summer months as reduced tourist arrivals and consumer caution had At the same time, they estimate that as long as the weather conditions allow it and the companies can make use of their outdoor spaces, they will continue to have the customers they had in the past. The most difficult It is estimated that they will come when the temperature drops and people will be wary of visiting indoors. However, several companies are preparing to install heaters outdoors in order to maintain to some extent the fullness they had in the past. Focus and new measuresAs he stressed Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Nikos Papathanasis The Ministry of Development is considering new measures to support catering companies related to the seasonal nature of their operation. Mr. Papathanasis noted that a new funding program through the NSRF will be announced soon, which will cover Asked about the 534-euro allowance for suspended employees, the deputy minister said that “there are a few cases that do not have the effect of” extending “the operation of rural areas and indicatively mentioned glass curtains, pergolas and heating means. given 534 euros to beneficiaries. “We are dealing with this and the money will be given to those who are entitled to it.” The deputy minister, speaking to ANT1, stressed that “there will be no horizontal lockdown, there will be local lockdown” and added: “Whatever measures have been announced, they apply. The stores will not be closed completely, not even in the areas that are at level 4. ”He, answering a question about the beneficiaries of the repayable advance, noted that there is an algorithm that manages the money and that there is no human intervention for the amount that each company receives. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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