Fishermen: There are subsidies of at least 3,000,000 euros for fishermen

Fisheries are now entering the “wheel” of the digital transformation. Specifically, the Information Society SA (IS SA) announced the call for action for the “Purchase and Installation of Electronic Data Transmission Devices (SDE-VMS) ERS- AIS ». IS SA, which has been designated as an Intermediate Management Body (IMF) and is responsible for the implementation of part of the Operational Program (OP) Fisheries and Maritime 2014 – 2020 undertook to “run” this action, which concerns the modernization of fishermen and fishing vessels with generous subsidies. The total Public Expenditure that will be allocated through this Action amounts to the amount of at least three million euros (3,000,000 €). The project is co-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) of the European Union and by National Participation. The action of the operational program includes “Development, purchase and installation of the necessary components, including hardware and software, to ensure the transmission of data by bodies involved in fisheries and marketing of fishery products, both at national and EU authorities, including the necessary components of electronic recording and reporting systems (ERS), satellite tracking devices (VMS) and automatic tracking systems (AIS) To ensure effective control of fishing activities, means are used to fully cover the “route” of catches from fishery to consumption. The aim of the Action is to provide these means, so that audits are carried out at a high level and to ensure compliance with the rules of the CFP. This Action concerns the inelastic obligation of professional fishermen and fishing vessel owners to bring to their vessels operational the electronic devices for satellite tracking and data transmission SDE (VMS) -ERS and AIS on a case by case basis. This obligation arises from the Community institutional framework. Beneficiaries of financial aid will be: Natural or legal persons, owners (according to the definition of Reg. 508/2014) of fishing boats, who fish professionally on an active fishing vessel (professional fishing license) in force). The boats for which the owners will be assisted, must be registered in the Greek Registers / Lembologies and registered in the National Fisheries Register (EAM), as well as must meet all the requirements of Community and National legislation governing commercial fishing boats, taking into account any time commitments from previous funding of the same works at the time of application. Anyone who optionally or compulsorily, under applicable law, provides a fishing vessel with a valid license, with systems for monitoring, recording and reporting information, in order to satisfy conditions for special fishing permits, such as Potential beneficiaries are also the old obligors-users of the equipment, replacing the old ones, taking into account any time commitments arising from the previous financing. Fishermen with professional fishing boats 12 meters long and over. International waters. Fishermen with a tuna license (BFT), and / or swordfish (SWO) and / or longerfin tuna (ALB). Fishermen with a purse or winch (SB) license of less than 12 meters in length. granted to the beneficiary in the form of a grant and its amount will be calculated on the basis of eligible costs. This Action will be applied throughout the Greek Territory, with an intensity of aid that varies accordingly: the size of the businesses and the location of the beneficiaries of the Operations and whether they are implemented in the “remote Greek Islands” if the beneficiaries and beneficiary fishing vessels are related to the coast. Finally, it should be noted that the Beneficiaries will be subsidized for the purchase and installation of each device, according to the lump sums presented in the following table and have emerged as a product of market research and historical data (previous supply of the same devices ) .Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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