First home: The outbreak of the pandemic brings a block to the auctions

The government puts a “shield” in the first house. Through the outbreak of the corona virus and the second lockdown, the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced yesterday from the floor of Parliament the suspension of auctions with an order to be brought by the Ministry of Justice. This move is estimated to The decision to suspend the auctions comes to strengthen the government’s “umbrella” of protection with the “Bridge” program, with which the state subsidizes, for three quarters, the loans that have as a pre-notation / mortgage The first home of borrowers affected by the pandemic crisis. A precondition for the suspension of the auction is the submission of a relevant request by the borrower, together with a statement accepting the lifting of his banking secrecy in order to establish that he belongs to the category of the vulnerable. Based on the order of the Ministry of Justice, banks and management companies will redefine their strategy. They note, however, that the suspension should not include auctions that have been scheduled for 9-12 months and concern high value residential or commercial real estate. According to the auction announcements that have been posted on the special website until 1,449 auctions are scheduled for the end of December. Suspension by the banks From mid-September, the member banks of the Hellenic Banking Association (EET) had announced that they would consider until 31.12.2020 the suspensions of auctions concerning the first home, for those borrowers. As it was clarified, the condition for the above suspension is the submission of a relevant request by the vulnerable borrower to the bank and the declaration of lifting of banking secrecy, in order to establish that it belongs to the category of vulnerable. It has not been clarified where the criteria are not met. characterization of the borrower as vulnerable, the procedures Follow Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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