Feta: In the list of protected products in the EU-China agreement

The EU-China agreement will initially protect 100 EU products, including Greek feta. Parliament should support the agreement between the EU and China that will protect 200 European and Chinese products, the Trade Committee said on Tuesday. In a resolution adopted by 38 votes to one with three abstentions, the Committee on Trade EU agreement with China, signed in September 2020. It will ensure that one hundred European products bearing geographical indications (GI) such as Cava, Feta, Munchener Bier, Polska Wodka, Prosciutto di Parma and Queso Manchego will be protected from counterfeiting and misuse of a product name. In return, one hundred Chinese products will have the same type of protection in the EU. Within four years, the agreement will be expanded to include another 175 European and Chinese products. China to expand constructive cooperation in the ongoing negotiations for a bilateral investment agreement, as well as in areas of conflict such as industrial subsidies, state-owned enterprises, technology transfer, public procurement reciprocity, and high-capacity steel and aluminum production capacity. Iuliu Winkler (EPP, RO), rapporteur, said: “The EU-China Agreement on the protection of CIs is a positive step forward in bilateral relations and a good tool for promoting and protecting the authenticity of high quality products in our markets. It is primarily a matter of building trust, which serves as a measure of the parties’ ambition to ensure the effective implementation of the agreement. The Trade Committee will be actively involved in monitoring and overseeing the effective implementation of the agreement, requesting frequent reporting from the European Commission. ” 11-12 November). With Parliament ‘s consent, the Council must approve the agreement to enter into force in early 2021.History In 2019, China was the third largest destination for EU food products worth € 14.5 billion. It is also the second largest the largest destination for exports of GE products from the EU, representing 9% of value, including wines, spirits and foodstuffs. However, in 2018 and 2019, 80% of the seizures of counterfeit and pirated goods came from China, causing a loss of 60 billion euros to EU suppliers, the report says. Follow it on Google News and be the first to see all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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