Fenlo – Ajax 0-13 Technologybud

Unbelievable things in the first division of the Netherlands, with Ajax dissolving Fenlo with 13-0! Aiantas did not show any mercy in the team of Giorgos Giakoumakis (he played until 79 ΄), reaching an unreal score. Ten players Haag staged a unique party on De Koel’s field, writing history. And if you look at the statistics of the match, then you will find that the final score seems… a little. Of course, this is the biggest victory in the history of the Eredivisie, with Aiada breaking the record he held (12-1 in Fitese in May 1972). The whole of Ten Haag did what he wanted, with Fenlo to live a 90 minute… torment. The dance of goals opened in the 13th minute and four minutes later Traore made it 0-2. The same player made it 0-3 in the 32nd minute, followed by Tadic in the 44th minute to give his team a four-point lead. The nightmare for the hosts continued unabated and in the 54th minute Traore scored a hat-trick, while the 0-6 was scored by Anthony in the 55th minute. In the 57th minute, Ecklenkamp sent the ball into the net for the second time and two minutes later, Blind scored the 8th goal of the guests. Hundelar at 74 ′ and 76. For 0-10 and 0-11. At 78 ′ Martinez added his name to the scoreboard, with the final 0-13 written by Traore at 87,, completing the incredible performance of his team. ⚽️ 13 ‘VVV 0-1 Ajax⚽️ 17’ VVV 0-2 Ajax⚽️ 32 ‘VVV 0-3 Ajax⚽️ 44’ VVV 0-4 Ajax⚽️ 54 ‘VVV 0-5 Ajax⚽️ 55’ VVV 0-6 Ajax⚽️ 57 ‘VVV 0-7 Ajax⚽️ 59’ VVV 0-8 Ajax⚽️ 65 ‘VVV 0-9 Ajax⚽️ 74’ VVV 0-10 Ajax⚽️ 76 ‘VVV 0-11 Ajax⚽️ 78’ VVV 0-12 Ajax⚽️ 87 ‘VVV 0-13 Ajax🤯 WOW. pic.twitter.com/m00g1U5Nq0— SPORF (@Sporf) October 24, 2020Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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